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What makes the Mastery charter school the best learning institution in Philadelphia and Camden?

There are many factors that make Mastery charter school be an outstanding institution. What are these factors? What is special about the school? I am however not conversant with the application process for joining the school. I need information on the application process. What are the various programs the school provides to the students that make it popular amongst other schools? How does the school participate in community services? Among other charter schools in Philadelphia the mastery charter school recommended by every parent. However, there is another alternative school in case your application is not successful.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Donald Ward on July 17, 2018

The Mastery charter schools hold approximately 14000 students who live in Philadelphia and Camden. The schools are evenly distributed around Philadelphia which makes it have more students than any other schools. Moreover, apart from having many elementary and secondary schools under it the school has outwitted the other schools and emerged the best. Additionally, the school provides their student with career and college advice. The school spends time resources on each student so that they can appoint a teacher on each individual to guide them on a successful postsecondary journey, whether on a college or career-wise. The schools make the former possible by partnering with parents and families to enhance the development of a right route for each student. Moreover, they also collaborate with college admissions professionals to help students pursue their dream careers. This is essential since it will help keep students on track for chasing their dreams and also keep them focused. The internship is essential for all students to prepare them for the pressure of real work in the real world. When enrolling in a mastery charter school you follow the following procedures:

  • First, choose your city of residence
  • Apply- application is open to all appropriately-aged children. The application form is accessed on the school website and can be submitted online or taken to the Assistant Principal of Operation at the appropriate mastery charter school. You can, however, download a copy of the application at HTTP:// /.
  • Wait for acceptance- successful applicants are communicated out to families so that they can prepare. Moreover, the school accepts students on the basis of first come first serve basis.
  • Fill out enrollment forms and submit required document- this step is after your child is accepted into mastery charter schools. Also, required documents are to be submitted within 30 days of acceptance.
  • The student is enrolled in the school.

The schools not only do they provide rigorous and fun education but are also show their determination in sports activities. The common sporting activities that the school offers include basketball cross country, football, soccer, track, and volleyball. The provision of extra-curricular activities helps in growing and developing the student’s talents. Talent is always said to as important as the education is thus, putting as much effort as possible to uplift student’s talent. The schools participate in community services by engaging in school programs that are mainly directed to the community. Moreover, there are alternative schools. These schools are among the chartered schools of Philadelphia in case your child does not get enrolled.  

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Life at Mastery charter schools as a student is fantastic and fun. My son tells me it the best experience he has at school and he sometimes wishes that he could be at school than home. This type of wish amazes me since it’s unlike the normal attitude of students towards school. Normally, students prefer being at home than at school. This is evident since some children go to the extent of pretending to be sick so that they can escape going to school. Moreover, the school provides a sense of belonging to the students by ensuring they get a strong sense of support and belonging in a safe environment. The school also keeps its doors open for parents to go and check what is happening in the classroom or talk to school leaders. This type of administration will always make the school a better and favorable to parents.  

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