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What makes Appraisal Continuing Education the best for real estate professionals?

I have come across Appraisal Continuing Education a decent couple of times. This cont ed provider cannot be missed in speech whenever anyone brings about the issue of learning in the field of real estate. The frequent conversations on this extended education establishment have sparked a flame of inquiry in me that will only be put off if I get information on continuing education at Appraisal Institute. Please, is there anyone who has information on this institute?

Moreover, why is it so good for real estate professionals?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on May 11, 2018

The Appraisal Institute is an association of real estate property analysts and appraisers from all over the world. With a membership of almost 60 countries and as many as 19,000 real estate professionals, this is a much-revered organization in your sector.

The purpose of this institution is to boost professionalism and ethics, global codes, and practices by implementing the qualified development of property economics across the planet.

Members enrolled in this institute benefit from several professional courses and advocacy classes. Additionally, they may gain prestigious real estate qualifications including SRPA, AI-GRS, MAI, AI-RRS, and SRA qualifications.

As a beneficiary of Continuing Education at Appraisal Institute, I will tell you why this is the best continuing education platform for you. This organization provides an exhaustive catalog on all relevant cont education issues.

The topics can range from essentials of valuation to specific appraisal problem areas. The Appraisal Institute Extended Ed offers various channels of delivering information thus assisting you to study flexibly and conveniently.

You will be able to access a lot of information on the residential and commercial appraisal practice. In turn, this will upgrade your industry knowledge to ensure that you stay on par with the current issues in your career and meet the continuing education requirements stipulated by your state.

  • Classroom Seminars

This institute conducts classroom seminars that are essential to anyone in the real estate sector. These seminars will help you learn the necessary foundation in fundamental valuation topics and techniques.

You can also narrow your scope to concentrate on appraisal issues, i.e., federal land acquisition and eminent domain. These classroom-offered seminars take the duration of half a day, one day, and two days. The period depends on the title of the appraisal topic.

You can check out in demand seminars on the institute’s website.

  • Online Seminars

The Appraisal Institute offers online sessions of professional development requirements and appraiser education. Through these courses, you learn the knowledge and skills that are vital to meeting the state continuing education conditions and the institute’s requirements.

The online classes are self-paced. They typically require between four to fifteen hours to complete depending on the module type.

Find online seminars on their website.

  • Webinars

The Appraisal Institute hold frequent webinars on today’s in-demand appraisal topics and business practice issues. These webinars explore current problems in the industry that are considered pertinent by real estate appraisers. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

This response is accurate and well-informed. However, I would like to add some information on it. Appraisal Continuing Education programs offer accredited online and classroom courses that suit the requirements of Continuing education programs at the Appraisal Institute.

Bear in mind that the Appraisal Institute does not keep tabs on the continuing education requirements of your state. Therefore, contact regulatory organization in your state to get information on upholding your continuing education conditions for your state or in approving your license.

I recommend the following online programs for you. Before registering for any of these Appraisal Institute courses check out if your state approves them.

  • Evaluating Tenant Credit Liability and Commercial Lease Evaluation Course-This is an excellent course that teaches you on assessing the credit risk of a tenant
  • Progressive Income Capitalization Course- This live course educates you on how to estimate the values of properties. 

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