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What major Allied power refused to join the League of Nations following the end of World War I? France Great Britain United States Russia

Roger Moore

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1 answer

Megan Page on August 16, 2018

The answer is the united States. The League of Nations after the end of the FIRST world war. The task of the League of Nations was simple - to ensure that war never broke winning. The american President Woodrow Wilson was particularly horrified by the massacre that took place in what was meant to be a civilized part of the world. The only way to avoid a repetition of the disaster was the creation of an international body whose sole purpose was to maintain peace in the world and that was to order international disputes as and when they occurred. I support the idea was great, except in america where isolationism was taking root, and true to this, the united states, whose president Woodrow Wilson, had dreamt up the idea, refused to join it.Certainly germany was not invited, and Russia was not allowed to join it, because it had a communist government at the time.

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