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What LSAT prep books should I study to ensure I pass the LSAT test?

What are LSAT test books and why is it a must to study them so that I will pass the oncoming LSAT test? What do they contain and where we as students can find them are some of the questions we need answered. The cost of the LSAT prep books, can we afford to buy them? Passing is a must for us in every test, but for this three hour test over a computer, we really need to understand what it will take to get admission in our universities of choice. And again, how do I improve my English? Is there need to engage in an English grammar tutorial?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 5, 2018

An LSAT prep book equals to half a test and it has an equal number of questions with the main test. It gives examples of the questions, knowledge and also skills found in LSAT with answer for all questions given.

Once you buy the LSAT preparation books, you are entitled to make 2 copies of the book and to have unlimited access to it for a whole year from the purchasing date to fully study the exam book. One may open the e-book as many times as he wants and read it.

Always note that purchase of the book @$16 is non- refundable whatsoever. An account is created by a person who wishes to buy the book and as soon as the exam book has been paid for, it is accessible from your account.

There are no breaks while undertaking the three hour test and students end up really exhausted. To be assured of an interview with a university of choice, a student must score above 80%. The English language sometimes becomes complicated even to the natives thus the need for an English language tutorial. The most important way to improve your grammar is by reading. There are also some grammar manuals that are available as reference book which can be used
while writing.

Listening to other people is also a great way to improve your grammar.
Whenever you write anything, proofread and never stop writing. There are basic rules that govern the English grammar:

  • Capital letters should only be used at the start of a sentence or when referring to proper nouns.
  • In every sentence, one noun and also one verb should always be included.
  • Properly punctuate the sentences after writing as failure to do this may cost you your success in the LSAT test despite having read the test books.

For a grammar tutorial program to be successful one should:

  • Set a goal; know what you want to achieve as you undertake the course.
  • Break the set goal into other smaller ones: After deciding on the target of the lesson, find ways to achieve that.
  • Concentrate on one topic at a given time: do not try to correct everything at once. Practice one bit until you are perfect enough to be able to teach someone else.
  • Take only a few minutes each day: An English grammar tutorial should take at least 5-10 minutes every day and you are good to go.

Emily Alexandera year ago

You may have all the points in your head regarding an upcoming exam, but if you do not have the proper English to express yourself, even the LSAT prep books you have bought with your hard-earned money will go down the drain.

Invest in a good English grammar tutorial which is also available over the internet and can be accessed at the privacy of your home. I have seen great men today who before they undertook an English grammar tutorial were very poor communicators. Immediately they learnt how to express themselves, a new boldness, brought about by knowing the English language made them look like totally different people.

A student can never be successful academically, socially or professionally if he does not have the necessary grammar skills. Do not let opportunities pass simply because you cannot express what you want in clear simple English. As they say, education is a step out of ignorance.

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