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What kind of problems would be encountered if human beings were to establish a permanent settlement in Antarctica?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on March 21, 2018

Colonization -- the act of human beings, the establishment of settlements in the land,and in this case, is not supported by any government-not bepossible in the continent. In the first place, 'settlements" of people who simply want to live inAntarctica would be enormously costly, to bring thematerials, supplies, equipment, construction equipment and so on. After, there is no way that human beings are held in thecontinent. There is no natural food chain and it's too cold to growany of food. The subsistence of life -- that is to say, the fishing for food is prohibited by the Antarctic Treaty, which governs all the land on planet earth southof 60 degrees S. finally, there are no countries on the continent, so any settlementwould be illegal.

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