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What kind of music can you hear at Hangout Music Festival?

I’ve heard many positive things about Hangout Music Festival and would like to visit it. After all, this is a three-day fest on a beach; what else can you wish for? However, I would like to know beforehand what genres of music are played there. I hope this is something modern and mixes various genres because three days of only country music or metal would be too much. So, what do you know about Hangout festival lineup? Are there any good bands? I really hope to get to the Hangout Music festival that is so famous around the country.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

1 answer

Heather Maxwell on May 15, 2018

This music festival has a wide range of musicians. It includes many genres and mixes in the new ones every year. Generally, you hear indie, rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic music, and a few others. I believe that this is an entertaining experience for everybody because you may be interested in something different; something that you’ve never even heard of. The Hangout Music Festival bands include both notable figures and the rising stars bound to become the next sensation. So, I strongly recommend leaving all your prejudice towards unknown garner to you behind and travel to this Hangout Music Festival with an open heart and mind.

If you are worried about it being modern and progressive, rest assured that everything there is hot stuff. New songs are introduced as well as some young bands. There is nothing monotonous in there. These three days will be gone in a second and you will miss the event for the rest of the year. Besides, it has many things to offer you besides good music. If you use general admission tickets, you have few perks but they are still there. However, there are VIP tickets that include a stage-side pool, VIP grooves, oases, hammocks, complimentary food and drinks, etc. There are so many advantages of buying a VIP ticket. Do not spare money on this upgrade because your comfort and happy memories are worth more. I’ve bought various tickets for the event and would recommend you a VIP ticket. If you would want to spend a thousand dollars in three days, of course. For me, this is the only active and adventurous vacation in a year. So, I’ve decided to make it memorable for the whole year to come.

As for the Hangout festival line-up, you can see the whole list of artists on its official website: I, of course, do not know your taste, but you probably will be able to choose someone from those guests. There are about 80 of them!

I’m sure that this Hangout Festival will be epic! I hope you make your decision next year and come visit the event. It is better to see it all with your eyes than to hear countless stories about it from your friends. Yes, and do not forget to bring your friends to the fest—the more people, the merrier. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I also have high expectations for this year. The list of musicians is huge and some of them are rather cool. However, I do not agree with your encouragement to buy VIP tickets. For me, the regular ones are fun enough and I simply do not have time for all those extra benefits. Well, with the exception of free drinks. However, how many drinks do you actually get? This is not like a free pass for whole three days.

There is so many interesting stuff at Hangout Music Festival going on at the same time that you hardly have time to lounge near a pool. I try to visit as many places as I can. Besides, there are always many friends on the fest, so, there are a lot of people to meet and party with. If all friends going with you agree to buy VIP tickets, then it can be cool. Otherwise, no. 

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