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What kind of help can I get at the higher education center?

I am planning to move from London to New York next year. However, I really don’t know so much about the new country’s higher education center. I am determined to get there soon and spend as little time as possible trying to get used to the whole system. What are some of the higher education graduate programs that I can pursue? What are the requirements? I would also like to get some details about higher education grants. What requirements are there for one to access these grants? What are some of the higher education programs available for international students?  I am looking forward to hearing from those familiar with the center. Thanks.

Naomi Doyle

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on May 25, 2018

I can say that the American center for higher education has helped me in settling here. It acted as my main source of information. I wasn’t sure which higher education graduate program to enroll in until I approached this center. Also, they really helped me to choose the right college. The fact that I came from an English speaking nation made it even easier for me to get used to the education and life here. The center’s admissions counselors were very helpful in making it easy for me to settle and enroll in a college. They helped me go through my college enrollment process.

It is essential to know the higher education program you want to pursue when applying to any university. One of the most significant advantages of enrolling in your program here is that you get a chance to learn in some of the world’s best learning institutions. In addition, you get high-quality access to education. If you are qualified for a given course, you need to send the documents to your preferred university via email. The enrollment is done over the phone or email. By filling a form on the center’s website, you get an advisor who guides you on everything including the forms that you need to submit. The limit to the courses you can do is your qualifications. Different universities have different requirements for the various courses that they provide. If one college declines your application, you should not lose hope at all. However, the chances of missing a place are very few especially if you have good grades.

Given the high cost of education, you need to know how to access higher education grant. If you don’t have any idea, the center is always beneficial. However, it is important to note that international students have limited scholarship options. The government provides financial assistance through two programs namely the Foreign Fulbright Student Program and the Humphrey Fellowship. The first program is available to those Masters or Ph.D. degrees. International students can also access scholarships given by various colleges and universities in the country. The American Universities Scholarships (AU) sponsors first-year undergraduate students. Other examples include Amherst College Scholarships, Concordia College Scholarships, and Dartmouth College Scholarships among others. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

Despite the availability of many higher education graduate programs that you can pursue, it is important to be careful when selecting your college of choice. You should consider the budget of a given school and see if you can afford. In addition, you should look at the population of students from your country in a given school. This will make easy for you to join clubs that will help you get used to your new country. You should choose a college that you feel is comfortable for you. Remember you are going to spend your next four years there hence you need to make a choice correctly. It is good to consider factors such as the climate, the student population, and diversity among others. However, I can tell you America is a great country not only to study but also pursue your dream. I came from Belgium over a decade ago, and I have fully fitted in the society. There is no fear of feeling lonely here as there are thousands and even millions of people from different countries just like you. 

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