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What kind of football motivation does my team need to make more home-runs?

I coach a high school football team that loses more than it wins. I have tried on them all the football motivation methods I know. I have called football greats to talk to them. I have them do the New Zealand haka dance before games. I have also taken them to watch professional games. It is an exercise in futility. I am now running out of motivation ideas. They tend to repeat the same mistakes I keep correcting. What is there a correlation between motivation and performance?

Dana Keller

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 28, 2018

You are doing better than you think. Motivation in football is not an event but a process. You want your team to win. That is the ultimate goal. There are many smaller steps you can take before you get there.

  1. Continue with all the things you are doing currently. You are dealing with young, impressionable minds, and every little thing helps. The pep talk from a professional player and watching such a player in action is very motivating. I highly recommend the haka song and dance, as well. The actions have a direct impact on the players. I suggest you also add songs and dances from their immediate environment. They will identify with these immediately. Though you don’t seem to notice, your current ideas are motivating them greatly.
  2. Work on each player individually. There are a number of things particular players cannot do properly. Some cannot kick, others cannot catch, yet others cannot tackle well, and so on. Each player is like a cog in the wheel that is the team. You can work on their individual weaknesses so that they get better. Don’t forget to discuss each player’s weakness with him and hear his views on what he can do to improve. Some will tell you nothing, others will tell you a lot of nothing, but in between, you will get some really enlightened views. Eventually, just because you asked him, each player will feel important. That will give you highly motivated players.
  3. Get the players to work as a team. Football is a team sport. So, success depends on the effort of each player. It equally depends on all the players together. Set a goal of seeing them work together first, before you think of them winning. Make them aware of the things they must do to attain teamwork. When they succeed in doing those things, they will feel better. Your song and dance idea comes in handy in achieving this. There are also several games designed to instill turn-taking, completing collective set tasks and supporting one another. Having players pairs, with one carrying the other piggyback, can make for a good race for the pairs. At the end of the race, the players in the pair change roles. There are many other games like this. Ultimately, your team will start winning and you will immediately establish the seemingly elusive connection between performance and motivation.

Emily Alexandera year ago

It is true that the coach wants to attain his ultimate goal much too fast. It takes time to change an existing team into a winning outfit. The only thing I wish to add is that you need tactics and team talk to win. Tactics are the methods the team will apply to achieve their goal, which is to win. This has to do with team formation, defense and attack. This is about who plays where and how do they move around. These are also the things the coach should talk about when preparing for a game against opponents. A team that knows what to do is highly motivated to try it out. This establishes the connection between motivation and performance. This talk should also include the strong points of the team. It should make the players feel invincible. The team will be ready to fight to win that day.

Craig Stewarta year ago

Maintaining football motivation in a team is not an easy task. The coach should realize and appreciate the fact that the process of getting his team motivated to win is a long one. The coach should use both the intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivating the team players. In motivating the players extrinsically, the coach should apply external factors like encouraging the team members to better their performance. In intrinsically motivating the players, the coach should inspire and challenge the players to become better every day. This process of motivation and performance for players should be an everyday routine. 

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