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What kind of educational services are offered at the Odyssey Charter School and how can a child get enrolled in this school?

My sister has two children in the 6th and 9th grades. Lately, she has been encountering financial problems due to the costs incurred daily for taking her children to school. Therefore, she has decided to transfer her kids to a nearby school where it will be at ease for them walking which would cut off the transportation costs. Once she heard about the Odyssey Charter School but had very little knowledge of the school and the protocols followed for the enrollment of students. She made all these efforts because she wanted the best for her children. She started enquiring information concerning the school education, and if she knew more about the charter elementary school before, she could enroll her children in one of these schools. Can you provide us with the information related to the Odyssey school and enrollment there?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 11, 2018

The Odyssey Charter Schools aim at uplifting thinking capability of children thus making them attain high grades at the end of the year. This proves that these schools offer quality educational services to the students. Most parents enrolling their children in such a school are worried regarding the health condition of their children. In addition to this, the school has incorporated two kinds of hybrid approaches that include in-class and online learning, which breaks the classroom monotony and improves education in a more efficient manner.

Before a parent enrolls his or her child in a school, he or she should consider the educational services offered there. Most inclusively, the charter elementary school provides a variety of services that always meet the student’s needs. With the Odyssey charter school being one of the most known charter schools in Las Vegas and Clark counties I know that the services offered there are very good. First, the school offers daycare services and preschool programs that make children want to learn in the school. The school is the first hybrid school within Clark and Las Vegas Counties; it's also backed up with a highly qualified staff thus nourishing the educational journey making it flexible enough to fulfill children’s wide-ranging needs as a foundation of success. The school offers an outstanding curriculum that is loved by many children

Your children can easily enroll in a program at the Odyssey school by emailing the application and therefore reading through the forms in order to be familiar with the protocols to be followed. All the necessary forms are to read before the final submission. One should register early for the program so that a proper timeline can be allocated for evaluation of the applications. Finally, the education in the school is highly improved, and due to this, the Odyssey school offers a tuition fee of $3,400 for the full day and $2,500 for half a day. For one to apply, there is payment of a non-refundable fee of $500 in order for the application to push through.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

Actually, I am in total agreement with the above statement in recognition of the services offered at the Odyssey charter school. The above statements are right since the school has been rated above the school’s average quality test score, thus implying that most of the students are performing well in the school. Therefore it will be great if you apply for an Odyssey charter program online since the whole process is simplified as explained above in the text.

Moreover, I suggest that if you have a child that you are witnessing his or her progress in class is diminishing you should enroll him or her in this school and finally talk to the teacher so that they may help your kid. This is because the educational service offered by the schools caters every kind of child. Studying there will improve your child’s performance and nourish his or her progress in school in a more diverse manner.

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