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What kind of education programs can I pursue at San Diego Continuing Education?

I want to find out whether the institution offers continuing education for adults like me who need to complete their high school programs. I have been looking for education centers that offer continuing education programs, and I need to know whether this one has such arrangements. Apart from this kind of education program, what else does San Diego Continuing Education offer to students? I am also interested in knowing more details about the school and the things that I need for continuing education in general.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

1 answer

Heather Maxwell on July 20, 2018

I attended the San Diego Institute of Continuing Education, commonly abbreviated as SDCE, for my continuing learning program. I was looking for basic college preparation course which could open pathways to accomplish my higher education goals. I spent over six months there, and I loved the institution. SDCE, based in California, which is a public ongoing learning center is managed by the San Diego Community College District. The institution has been accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges. If you are looking for ongoing education programs, this is where you need to be. Visit the institution’s website and see the wide array of academic areas that they teach. In a nutshell, the institution offers non-credit career technical learning, life enrichment programs, basic preparation for college, adult elementary education, customized classes to suit your business sector needs on a contract basis and many more courses designed for continuing learning for adults. The school has quite a good number of adult students with over 40,000 attending the institution yearly. I feel if you need adult education programs, you should visit the institution if you live near it.

However, there are also many other institutions such as DeVry University, University of Phoenix, and Continuing Education Institute of Illinois among others that offer similar programs. There are many adults out there who are always looking for a way to improve their basic knowledge or may have been dropped out of college or high school and do not know how to get back on track. Well, ongoing education programs offered in these institutions are the answer to such issues that I have just described. The thing that I like the most about San Diego institution is that it has a good reputation for its post-secondary learning opportunities for adults, having begun in 1914 and still remaining strong even in the contemporary world. The institution has about six campuses in the country which makes it easier to access. In this institution, you can find flexible learning schedules with night classes and weekend sessions which makes your learning easier. In whichever institution you choose to get continuing education, look for flexibility, wide range of programs, and quality. As an adult, you have more responsibilities that might tie you down and fail achieve your goal; this is why you need to be keen on flexibility. Do some research on the school from websites and journals or even talk to people who have been there to get a good picture of what the institution is all about.

Larry Warren2 years ago

I am glad I have read this post, I have been looking for firsthand information concerning San Diego Continuing Education. I have intentions of joining a continuing education institution to get some basic writing skills. I also did some research, and I agree with you that this is one of the best institutions in the country that offers ongoing education with flexibility and ease. With the school handling thousands of adults annually, one should think of joining it since it has years of experience and good recommendations from graduates. Nonetheless, I can also advice anyone looking for such education before enrolling to conduct wider research and look for more reviews of the institution you hope to join.  

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