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What Italian cities do not have?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

James Washington on June 18, 2018

Italian cities did not have advancement possibilities for those Italians who worked in workers who were underemployed, and it was not a way to draw attention to themselves. Italian cities don't have the means to Italians, what would you do in primary and secondary education but could not afford the cost of textbooks and transportation. Italian cities have no jobs for Italians whose capabilities were at work, where the number of candidates was greater than the number of vacancies. Italian cities don't have the training for work for those Italians who may be found out at work that were not able to afford to pay to go to school. Italian cities do not have the ability Italians have to work and go to school at the same time. Italian cities do not have the protection offered by the Italians that they were chasing the cruelty of individuals and groups within society. Italian cities don't have a support system for Italians that were in your. Was for these reasons and more that the Italians left Italy cities and tried to realize their dreams in other countries such as the United States of America. (Read MORE)

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