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What ISA study abroad programs can you recommend?

There are many ISA study abroad programs that offer traveling to so many countries. All universities are great. However, as always, the more options you have, the harder it is to choose only one of them. What countries and places can you advise? Previously, I’ve planned to study abroad in Korea. The country is a mystery to me. I love its culture and would like to spend there some time. However, looking at all those offers, I cannot help but wonder what else I can do. There are many prestigious UK universities that promise high-class education. What do I choose?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on June 12, 2018

ISA is the leader in international education nowadays. It is hard to find another place with so many options. I think that you are not alone in your struggles to choose a study destination. Many people end up going to some unexpected places that they haven’t even thought before.

In general, study abroad programs are meant to bring you new experiences. So, to my mind, you have to choose a place that would bring you joy and show you a different way to live. However, the importance of an educational establishment should not be neglected as well. Simply going to a beautiful place will not give you skill and knowledge, as well as a decent diploma.

So, I think that Korean abroad studies is a great choice. I know that the recent years has brought popularity to the country in general, and its education in particular. Many young people are going to seek adventure to this mysterious place in Eastern culture. I would be grad to study there as well. I think that it is a great change to the way you think and perceive the world. People there are different and, maybe, we all would benefit from learning a few of their tricks.

The higher education institutions in the country are popular in the whole world. This nation takes education very seriously and provides the best conditions for their students. Considering the popularity of South Korea universities for abroad studies, foreign students are common there. You will not feel alone and out of place. I know a few students studying there and they are completely in love with the country. Do not be afraid of fulfilling your dream of going there. If you want it, do it.

Speaking of universities in the UK, we all know how great they are. This is one of the world centers of education. Unlike Korean establishments, UK universities are hundreds of years old. Many genius scholars attended them in the past and would do so in the future. However, here you must think of the country itself, of the people, and culture. Does it interest you? Will you be comfortable in these conditions? Here, you will have the bonus of immersing into another language environment. However, the variety of students from all over the world will provide you with a few foreign friends.

If you decide to choose this ISA abroad studies, here are a few good London study programs for you -  

Craig Stewarta year ago

I think that no matter what country you choose, you can be sure that International Studies Abroad will find a decent university for you. As far as I know, the program does not work with questionable establishments. Basically, you just need to choose the country you like the most, the expected duration of courses, and the discipline you want to study. I wouldn’t worry about the qualifications of an establishment and its stuff, ISA guarantees their professionalism.

Going to South Korea for studies, people most often choose Seoul. The capital offers the largest variety of courses and the best conditions for international students -  When you study abroad in Korea, choosing Seoul makes sense when you want to be in the center of the country’s life and want to get to know many new people. 

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