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What is wrong with Navient Student Loans?

Navient student loans have been receiving bad press lately and I am greatly concerned. This is because they are my loan servicer. Many people are complaining about them but me. This is because I haven’t interacted with them since I am still in college. Please give me detailed information on what is wrong with them. I also need to know how to consolidate student loans. This will help me in paying back student loans which is often very tasking. I would like to know if student federal loans can be consolidated with private loans.

Samantha Barber

in Student Loans

1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 4, 2018

Navient student’s loans has been receiving bad publicity for a number of alleged reasons. These include the following:

  • It is alleged that the company drove borrowers with federal loans into forbearance rather than putting them into income-driven repayment (IDR) schemes.
  • The company has not done much in the finishing of reenrollment of borrowers with federal loans. This has in turn kept them registered in income-driven repayment schemes.
  • Some federal loans were incorrectly reported to the consumer credit bureaus by the company.
  • It is alleged that Navient provided private education loans to people it knew would be unable to repay.
  • Some borrowers say that their staff are unhelpful and unknowledgeable
  • Poor website
  • Poor customer service

Paying back a student loan can be very challenging. Matters get complicated incase when you have multiple loans. Below is information on how to consolidate a student loan. Kindly note that this information is for a borrower with many federal education loans.

  • Go to Choose to either apply online, or to download and print a paper application form to be sent by U.S. mail.
  • After that, the consolidation servicer you chose will finish up on consolidating your qualified loans. The consolidation servicer is you information source for any queries regarding your consolidation process.
  • Keep making your payments on the loans until your servicer informs you that they have been paid off.

Federal student loans cannot be consolidated with private education loans. This is because private loans do not qualify for consolidation. However, some Direct Consolidation Loan repayment plans might factor in your private education loans in determining the duration of paying the consolidated loan.  I would love to also point out some advantages of consolidating your loans.

  • Consolidation makes it easier for you to repay your loans by giving you a single bill each month.
  • Consolidation can reduce your monthly repayment by providing a long repayment period (up to 30 years)
  • Consolidating loans other than Direct Loans may allow you to get into more income- driven repayment schemes and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
  • Allows the borrower to move from loans with variable rates to a fixed rate.

However, if you are currently paying your loans under an income-driven repayment scheme, or if you have made eligible payments to Public Service Loan Forgiveness, consolidating your present loans will result in loss of credit for any payments made toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness or income-driven repayment plan forgiveness.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Navient is the most dysfunctional company I have ever known. I have been trying to log into my account for months now but it is all in vain. When I call them they threaten me and provide late payment fees. They do not want to help me log in so that I can get a clear picture. They just demand for money on the phone. They do not listen and keep talking over you. They are so unfriendly.

One of their customer care guys even had the nerve to tell me that I was making up excuses so that I could not pay my federal student loan. They even hung up on me! So unprofessional! I read somewhere that they lied to private loan seekers on the requirements that would release their cosigners from loans. Additionally, they drove borrowers that were to struggling to pay into paying more. Awful humans!

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