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What is wrong with ITT online learning?

Many have cautioned me against enrolling for ITT online learning. None however, have been able to provide reasons why I should stay away from ITT. Please provide information on what is wrong with them. I need to be informed.

Please provide alternative suggestions on where I can access online technology courses. This will greatly help me as I try to choose the most appropriate one for me.

In conclusion, I would appreciate a recommendation of the best free online engineering courses. I need information on any sites and universities offering this program.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on February 1, 2018

Online learning at ITT is a big scam I tell you. Run away when you still can! I used to work for them and I have a deeper understanding of their operations. They have fake students whom they pay to post false reviews and information online.

For the entire year I worked for them, I only got criticism from students. Sounds fishy, right? No correspondence from the so called admissions board!

They used to make up reports and information. How they stayed in the education sector for that long still beats me to this day. All they care about is the money. When you go to the courts, there are numerous lawsuits against them stemming from their unethical conducts, false reports and poor management. This is a tech scam!

Below are suggestions on where you can access an online technology course:

Harvard University
This university offers a variety of courses related to technology such as Computer Science 50. This course tackles computer security, computer forensics, HTTP. HTML etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT offers:
a) Practical Information Technology Management,
b) Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies,
c) Information Technology Essentials,
d) Introduction to Computer Science and Programming and
e) Computer System Engineering

University of California - Berkeley
UCB’s online branch provides courses on technology. There are both free and paid courses. One of the courses offered is Computer Science 169 which tackles project handling, programming and software designing. goes into designing software systems, project management and programming.

When considering to pursue a free online engineering course, have a look at the
recommendations below:

Carnegie Mellon University
Offers a course in Engineering Statics. This course explores friction issues such as trusses, equilibrium, friction etc.

Utah State University
Offers courses such as:
a) Biochemical Engineering
b) Communication Systems I
c) Fluid Mechanics and
d) Uncertainty in Engineering Analysis

University of California - Berkeley
UCB offers a very good online course on Electrical Engineering. It is conducted through 24 audio-visual podcasts that can be found on iTunes.

Delft University of Technology
Students here are taught by video. The lessons can be accessed on iTunes and the university website. Additionally, students can get real-time help via online study meetings.
The courses offered include:
a) Analog Integrated Circuit Design
b) System Identification and Parameter Estimation and
c) Vibrations gives undergraduate aerospace engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Offers courses such as Integrated Chemical Engineering II.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I would like to add some more places you could get online technology courses. These are some of them:

University of California at Davis

The University of California at Davis offers online courses on technology. The learning material can be found on a web page. It also provides information on how to install the free Linux software provided. It has a Unix and Linux Tutorial Center course. This provides useful knowledge on C programming, bits, bytes, Unix process management recursion and signals.

University of Michigan

Open.Michigan is a program by the University of Michigan to enable the university to provide resources and educational information to the world. The courses offered can be seen on the university’s website and iTunesU.


ALISON takes content and courses from various learning institutions and universities. It assembles and organizes it within their single website for efficient and easy use by students. Really marvelous idea.

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