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What is Voodoo Fest Cashless?

I already know about Voodoo Fest because I have been to Voodoo concerts several times in the past. I want to go to that New Orleans music festival this year. I recently heard about the Voodoofest Cashless but I do not know what it is. I would like further details on it.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Justin Parker on October 11, 2018

There are advances in technology and many of them can be used to make daily life tasks easier. An example of this is Voodoo Festival Cashless ( After you buy your tickets for the festival, your wristband will be shipped by mail to you. If you have not received it 72 hours before the start of the festival, contact a tickets provider.

The wristband has the usual identification purpose that will allow you to leave and reenter the location of the festival on the same day or the following day without any inconvenience. You must wear your wristband to be granted entry to the festival.

The advantage that is added now to the wristbands is the feature to enable their holders to make purchases at the Voodoo 2018. Drinks, food and other items can be bought with your wristband. You will only need to tap it, enter a tip amount and your PIN to be able to complete your purchase.

This purchase option is not automatically activated when you buy your tickets for this music festival in New Orleans. You will need to activate it by yourself once that you get your wristband by mail if you want to use it. It is also possible to keep using the wristband in the traditional way, just as an identification device, without having to link it to a bank card to make purchases.

If you select not to use the Cashless option at this festival, you will need to bring cash in order to buy drinks or food. Credit and debit cards are also welcome. However, the Cashless payment is welcome at bars, food vendors, and merchandise tents that can be found at the location of the festival. You can find other vendors that accept this option of payment; search for the Voodoo Cashless logo that they may have displayed.

If you go with your family to the Voodoo Fest, you can choose to link several wristbands to the same card. However, you will need to set a PIN for each wristband.

Tad Frazier7 months ago

I like the Voodoo Fest Experience because I think that it is a wonderful way to discover the culture of the state of Louisiana onsite. You can go to sing and dance at this New Orleans music festival, but it is much more than just a music event. You can also taste traditional dishes of this city and visit its most important places. And you can do all that in just three days. That is definitely fabulous. Technology can be useful everywhere, and in this case, the Cashless system is perfect. 

Jordan Soto7 months ago

I agree that the use of the Cashless feature at festivals like this is great because it allows you to walk around the location of the event without worries. You do not need to carry a lot of cash and it is ok if you do not find an ATM close to you. All that you need to have is the electronic wristband. And, of course, you must remember to link it to your credit or your debit card when you activate it. Otherwise, it will not work and you will not be able to pay with it. There is a special electronic wristband for children because if they get lost, it is easy to find them quickly thanks to that gadget. This music festival in New Orleans relies a lot on technology because it has also launched a useful app for iPhone and Android.  

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