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What is vaulting ambition?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on January 30, 2018

Macbeth uses the phrase "vaulting ambition" in the play Macbeth,Act 1, Scene 7. It's a metaphor. The meaning of the "vault" is likea leap of a horse, a hurdle to jump over. Macbeth says thatthere are all sorts of reasons why you should not murder Duncan, and one can only think of why he is the "leap of ambition,which overleaps itself and falls on the other . . ." His wife comesin and interrupts him before he can finish his sentence with theword "side", but what you are thinking is that the ambition pushes you tojump over obstacles, try to overcome them, as well as a athletetries to the vault of a leap of a horse, but it pushes you to go toofar, like an athlete who skips so much that misses the horsealtogether, falls on the other side and breaks his neck. (MORE)

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