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What is unique about Berklee high school jazz festival?

I have been hearing about Berklee College for a while now. I do not have much information about it though I am purposing to attend one of its events for I have heard it organizes music festivals. I want to know more information about it. I would like to know if there is any similarity between Boston high school and Berklee School. They seem to be wonderful schools where I can admit my children. What is unique about Berklee high school jazz festival?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 22, 2018

I believe that with background information, you will be able to grasp the core purpose of the Berklee school. Berklee is an outstanding institute established for the purpose of contemporary music, including performance. The institute offers both undergraduate and graduate degree. It also offers distance learning programs, with the steady internet; you get a chance to study music at your convenient time. I started my music career at Berklee; the school is enthusiastic about nurturing creativity and provides a platform for musicians who have demonstrated potential need to develop their career. The track record of the institution is evident across the world since most of its students have been recognized with Oscar, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy awards.

I like the interdisciplinary approach that is used in theatre, film, business, technology, healthcare and music. It serves students throughout the US and beyond, it serves thousands of students from different nationalities. If you are contemplating to enroll your kid in any of the campuses or in high school, you are on the right track. The school has outstanding connections in various forms of musical traditions and have built a diverse, collaborative and dynamic art community. The college- Berklee is your choice if you want to learn more about music. Be among great musicians who are alumni of the college.  It has a responsibility of training and equipping learners to excel in music and take it as a serious career. This is only achievable through the foundation of the curriculum that cultivates musicianship.  What makes jazz festival in Berklee high school unique is that big bands, vocal jazz groups and combos perform while competing throughout the day.  The adjudication is from Berklee’s top faculty. All participants get a written review after the performance. It allows every group to rectify mistakes and develop their creativity. I find it good since individual learners get a chance to participate in auditions to secure tuition scholarships. The best ensembles also secure a chance for performance program.

The high school- Boston is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. Unlike Berklee that is interested in artistic features, this school focuses to equip students with the right knowledge and expertise to help them determine their life in any aspect.  It is one of the best schools you can consider for the education of your children. I have seen many individuals graduate from the school with excellent results. Many are able to advance in their education. 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I always encourage hard work and self-challenge for academic qualification. I am glad that the information you have provided is similar to what I focus on. I know students have different talents that can take them to greater heights when they are well nurtured. This information is great to help individuals know where they can find quality training in the music career. It is a good venture but few individuals endeavor to do it professionally. With Berklee high school jazz festival, many gifted students will consider taking their talent to a higher notch through training in the institution or through long distance learning. The information is not only to benefit Berklee school students, but it is for all individuals who want to acquire essential tips to help them in various arts. On behalf of all who will benefit from the information, I am grateful for taking your time to share it with us. 

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