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What is the value of an 1865 George Washington silver dollar?

Chelsea Hayes

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Jessie Thompson on September 16, 2018

I'm afraid that is not silver, not a dollar, and not from 1865. These become frequently and are fantasy coins that are probablyminted in the Far East. It is worthless except ascuriosity parts. The design is crudely copied from the standard Washington quarterdesign used from 1932 to 1998. In reality, however, the first U. S. coin to carry a president of the photo of the well-known Lincoln centfirst published in 1909, so these fakes are about half a century. There is an excellent discussion and a series of photos in the RelatedLink. About 6 or 8 years ago, a large number of them were transformed in and around San Francisco. Some of the local TV stations seized ofthem and began to play the trumpet stories about "fantastically rare" or"unknown" coins to be found. If you would have bothered to spendjust 15 minutes doing some research, they would have found that dbeen scammed. The answer is correct, these coins are not silver, not from 1865 and arefakes, minted overseas in the Far East and Arab countries and soldto tourists from 25 to 70 dollars Answer I saw one of these yesterday and I'm trying to research. It sdefinitely false in any way -- the first coin to have arecognizable person in the that was the Lincoln penny in 1909 (beforethat, the coinage had a symbolic Liberty or Indian head, as the USdidn not want to follow the English practice of having the king orqueen the head of coins). Answer Yes, it is a fake, minted in the far East and in Arabcountries... is not silver and is not from 1865. Lure tourists and sell those fakes from 25 to 70 dollars.Normally the "gypsies" who sells the currency to ask for ~50, and is willingto the price down to ~20.

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