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What is the UT study abroad process?

A week ago, after a thorough application for study abroad grants, I was lucky to get awarded one. I am now all set financially and seek information on the UT study abroad application process.  

Learning abroad will be invaluable to me. I want to see the world out there and be able to interact with people from other countries. I understand that some study abroad programs have an option to visit other countries in the course of the study.

The new education styles will help me see the different side of my course.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on March 7, 2018

The UT studies abroad process is very easy and straight to the task. I am part of the UT alumni network and also happened to study abroad while there. I can tell you for a fact that nothing is better. Had the best learning experience.

I am going to give you a step by step breakdown of the application process. However, keep in mind that this is a student led process. You have to be in charge. This is an overview so please clarify this information with the Study Abroad Program Coordinator at UT.

The process:

  • Explore and find the best program for you- Choose the most appropriate study abroad program for you from the hundreds offered. Factor in aspects such as duration of the program, degree credits, destination and language of host country. Go to the program portal to search programs.
  • Apply- The process of application is dependent on the unit of the host campus, programs offered and deadlines. The first of the two ways of application is the online application through the MySAO portal. The second is through specific program application. This is done via UT departments, local subsidiaries and foreign partners. Be sure to meet the minimum requirements before applying.
  • After acceptance- You should attend meetings, fill online forms and go to travel 101 classes offered at UT. They will equip you with the necessary information on how to learn abroad. Other support services offered are Billing & Payment information (helpful to you as you manage your study abroad grant), Intercultural Workshops, Registration and Credit Information, Health and Safety Matters.

This is also the stage where you will make your payment. The following are some of them:

  1. Expenses Paid to UT
  2. Pre-departure Expenses
  3. On-Site Expenses
  • Travel registry- Student travels to international destinations is regulated by the Student Travel Policy to International Locations.

If you expect a reimbursement of your travel costs from the department, you need to complete the Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) form.

Note that students going to UT-Restricted Regions are required to undertake the Restricted Regions Travel Authorization Process before acceptance.

Highlight of the process:

    1. Go through and fill the International Travel Request Authorization Form
    2. Get the required signatures and supporting documentation
    3. Present the duly filled forms, documents
    4. Get information on student insurance coverage while overseas
    5. Accept the International Travel Authorization confirmation

Leigh Manna year ago

I am UT staff and I would love to state that I am happy with this answer. This response is so informative. The answer shows that the respondent has deep knowledge of the UT study abroad process. Great job Alumni!

My contribution would be towards insurance. I think when you embark on studying abroad you need to be properly insured.

As a UT student, you are enrolled in the UT International Insurance Coverage program--Overseas Insurance by default. This means you will be paying $19 per week to access the following insurance services:

International SOS (ISOS) emergency assistance coverage. UT Member #11BSGC000037

ISOS is responsible for helping students during security, safety and health matters. Their website has useful information to a traveling student.

Go to and input #11BSGC000037 (UT membership number)


Requires the student to pay for minor medical costs and make claims to ACE/Chubb in 90 days.

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