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What is the UC application deadline?

I’m asking about the UC application deadline because I’m very interested in going to the University of California. Now that I’m about to finish high school, I want to submit my UC application and see if they accept me there. I’d be really happy if I see my name in the UC admissions list.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Daniel King on August 7, 2018

The University of California is very popular among high school students that aim at studying on its campuses after finishing their secondary studies. It is located in the sunny state of California, known all around the world for cities as Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

The quality of the education that this university provides to its students is very high. It is a renowned university that was founded in 1868 and its 150 years of experience in education make it a solid educational institution.

The deadline for UC application is November 1 ( ). The best advice that we can give you is to start preparing yourself with appropriate time in advance in order to avoid hurrying up close to the deadline, since it may cause you to make mistakes in the forms that you will have to fill in. Leaving your application to the last minute may also lead you to lack a document that may be necessary for your application to be accepted.

There are documents to submit along with your application to UC, and you may already have some of them. However, there are other documents that you may need to ask at your high school, such as an official transcript or recommendation letters from your teachers. Take into account that the delivery of these documents may not be immediate and you may have to wait a few days before receiving them. For this reason, it is advisable to start as early as possible with the application process.

After submitting your application, you will have to wait a few months before the admissions to UC are published. You will be notified by the university if you were admitted. Remember that a complete application will significantly increase your chances of getting into this university. Hence, try to be careful when filling in the appropriate forms and joining the required documents.

However, if your first attempt is not successful, do not worry. You can submit your application again the following year. You will have gained more experience and knowledge by then if you have worked or taken credit-eligible courses in the meantime.

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

UC is one of the best universities in the United States of America. And I don’t say it just because I study there and I know that it’s really a good educational center, but because it has a good place in the national ranking of higher education institutions. It has a long tradition in the educational field and that’s why many high school students choose to study there. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat difficult to be admitted and there are less admissions than applications. What I recommend to do, is to prepare your documents in advance and fill in all the necessary forms calmly. Avoid any grammar mistakes and don’t leave blank spaces. Ask about the application deadline but don’t wait till the last day to get all your papers ready. Submit your University of California application and hopefully you will be admitted into one of the best universities in the world. 

Kayla Bowena year ago

My brother was admitted two years ago into UC. We were happy for him because we witnessed his efforts to go to the university that he had always liked. One of the first questions that he asked about this university was about the UC application deadline. It was important because he could calculate the time that he had to organize himself and gather all the required documents. In the end, he submitted a complete UC application. I already know how to prepare my application for UC thanks to my brother.  

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