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What is the theme of The Year of Wonders?

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on August 1, 2019

There are many themes in Year of Wonders.
In addition, there is the question of feminism and women's rights, Anys is the main figure for this theme as she sleeps around and refuses to marry. It is after your visit to Anys that Anna begins to notice how women are 'chained' to your man popular. So, Mompelion forcing his wife to atone for her self abortion by not sleeping with him.
There are HEAPS of examples in here, you only have to look at it.

There is the question of god and faith. At the beginning, everyone has their full faith in the religion and the church, but as the novel goes on people start to lose faith. Take when Anna considers the rock she tripped and question if it was placed by god.
It can also be done with this theme is how various characters turn to other religious practices such as Anna's step mother and the guy (I can't remember his name: (b) who returns to flagalism (sorry for the spelling)
Again, the Gowdies have extreme relevance here, since they are healers and accused of witchcraft.

There is the element of growth and evolvment of character. While Anna grows strong and becomes a hero, many either die or come out of the story worse for wear, like Mompellion.

The life and Death. Anna, after being witnesses of the destruction due to the disease, ends up entering in midwifery and aiding the entry of many-to-many children in life. Also Elinor, who is a major symbol in the novel or goodness and life, ends up dying.

He picked Me up in the love triangle between Anna, Mompellion and Elinor. There is No reference to Mompellion be in love with Anna, as when he persists when she is breastfeeding, and at the end, when they sleep together. However, in a way I saw Anna as admiring Elinor to the point of wanting and even being as obsessed as to want to BE Elinor, therefore sleeping with your husband and then feeling terrible after she learns Elinor had not. She also mentions being jealous of Mompellion at one point.

I'm sure there are heaps more as well, I don't remember most of the top of my head though but good luck :D

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