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What is the theme of the book The Good Earth?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on June 9, 2019

The general theme of The Good Earth, byPearl S. Buck is the power of the earth. Throughout the novel, the earth is associated with good sense, respect for nature, and hard work, while the separation of the land is associated with corruption and stupidity. Buck novel shows this theme through the story of a Chinese peasant man named Wang Lung. Wang Lung, a farmer, has a good relationship with the earth because he produces his own crops through hard work. In contrast, the Hwang family had distanced themselves from the land, a lessee of the workers of the farm for them. Buck suggests that Wang Lung's reverence for nature is responsible for your prosperity, and that the forms of wastefulness of the wealthy are due to their distance from earth. Buck also suggests throughout the book that while human success is passing, the earth endures for ever.

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