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What is the theme for The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe?

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on September 3, 2018

"The Mask of the Red Death" is about Prince Prospero hiding from a fictitious disease known as "The Red Death" that spreads throughout the city by a stranger who enters and exits from each room in a building full of people who now have "The Red Death". The symptoms of "The Red Death", it says the following: . Acute pains . Sudden dizziness . Profuse bleeding at the pores, The theme of the story is that people can not escape the disease, especially when the mysterious stranger in the story was actually "The Red Death" itself. And because of that, Prospero died immediately when "The Red Death" faced him; right when Prospero was about to stab "The Red Death" with a dagger. There are many themes to the masque of the red death, but the most obvious and the most important are: *No man, rich or poor, can escape death...even if that person is locked up in a bolted castle like Prince Prosepero and his guests *Death is ever present throughout life I'll give you a couple more, but those above are the most important, the most used in the trials, and really the only ones teachers actually care about... *don't rush through life like Prince Prosepero runs through the seven rooms(7 stages of life) *everyone is mortal and will eventually die "Death is inevitable" "No man or woman can escape death" "You can't escape death" - jester silva :) live or die.

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