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What is the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 37 meters and a diameter of 16 meters? Round the answer to the nearest square meter. A. 2,831 square meters B. 2,664 square meters C. 1,152 square meters D. 1,131 square meters

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on October 27, 2018

The surface area of a cone is equal to the base plus the lateral area.The base is a circle and has a diameter of 16 meters.The radius is always half the diameter, so that is 8 metres.The area of a circle = nr2, where r is the radius. π(8)2 = 64π ≈ 201.06193 The area of the base is ≈ 201.06193.To find the lateral area of the cone, we need to find the slant height.From the height, the radius and the slant height of the cone form a right triangle, we can use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the slant height with what we have been given.radius2 + height2 = bias height282 + 372 = bias height264 + 1369 = bias height21433 = bias height2slant height = √1433The lateral area of a cone is equal to the nrl, where r = radius and l = slant height.nrl = π(8)(√1433) ≈ 951.39958(there are other formulas that do the same thing, but no matter).Now we add the lateral area and the base for to find our surface area.201.06193 + 951.39958 = 1152.46151 which is rounded down to C. of 1,152 m2.

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