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What is the sum of the arithmetic sequence 18 E t=1 (5t-4)

Jennifer Patterson

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

William Cain on September 28, 2018

Assuming that you are referring to the answer (sum) is 783======the Sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic seq. with the first term a_1 and nth term a_n is given by The number of terms in your mmation is the upper limit of the sum less the lower limit of the sum of more than 1.For The upper limit is of 18 years. The lower limit is 1. The number of terms n in this series is n = (18 - 1) + 1 = 18 the first term of this arithmetic sequence can be found by replacing the bottom of the summation index, t=1, the summand of the expression (5t - 4): 18/last term may be found by replacing the upper index, t = 18, in the addend of the expression: the Use of the formula, the sum is

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