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What is the story of the Labor Day movie?

Recently, I’ve added Labor Day (film) to my collection and now have doubts about whether to watch it or not. Of course, the cast is excellent feature the worldwide stars as Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, but this Labor Day movie seems to be a bit depressing from the short description that I have read. Is it worth my time? What audience should watch this Labor Day film?

Amanda Johnson

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2 answers

2 answers

Kathy Robinson on October 25, 2018

Well, nobody can advise you unless they know your taste. Some people like to watch complex and deep philosophical movies, others perceive cinema as an entertainment medium and just want to relax while watching a movie. What are you looking for? What movie genres do you prefer?

Considering your desire to avoid depressing movies, I will judge the movie Labor Day by this criterion. You are completely right about the excellent Labor Day cast. The central actors have done a great job portraying their characters and you believe each emotion they try to convey.

Its genres are drama and romance. So, you should be prepared for a few tragic events on screen. This is to be expected. However, I wouldn’t say that the movie is 100% depressing. Sure, there are plenty of moments you feel bad for the characters and a bit depressed. However, the general impression is complex and multi-layered.

The story tells us about a single mom and her son being brave and caring and, probably, saving a man’s life by offering their help. As the story uncovers, we start doubting the decision learning about the man’s story and so does the family. However, just as the film Labor Day, people are diverse and deep creatures and the man has a complex story with justifiable incentives.

I would describe my own impression of the movie as an emotional punch. I had so many feelings mixed together that the story of two souls bound by their tragic past seemed multi-layered as well. The director’s work was impeccable in some cases and made you experience the characters’ feelings. In some scenes, the work could be done better, especially by the young child actors. Though, the general picture wasn’t ruined by their play.

This fact that this Labor Day film was nominated for various awards shows that it is good. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any of them. Though the critics often have opposite views on this emotional movie, I think it can be a great example of the collective work of actors and writers.

Roger Moore10 months ago

I can’t agree with you in regards to the movie Labor Day. To me, the only worthy thing about this picture is the work of the main couple. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin could show the intensity of the couple and their feelings but the work of other actors, writers, and directors wasn’t top-notch at all. I would claim it to be completely awful, but the picture would benefit from quite a few changes.

For me, this film is a bit absurd and not compelling. It’s full of clichés and bad plot decisions that distract from the main characters. So, no matter what cast could have been hired, the movie wouldn’t be better.

I fully understand that this is only my opinion and many people would find it good, but I see many drawbacks. But so do many other viewers who vote on Rotten Tomatoes where the picture has 35% approval.

Olive Wilson10 months ago

I still have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I really love the idea behind the Labor Day movie. However, the execution could have been so much better. There are so many possibilities to create a great movie with this plot and actors, but none of them have been used. In any case, I didn’t completely hate it and believe that a person should watch the Labor Day film one time to enrich their knowledge and enjoy Kate Winslet.


Lyra Lestrange on October 25, 2018

it is a must watch

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