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What is the silimarieties of value and place value?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on May 3, 2019

The concept of "values" applies only to systems that have "places", and only when at least some of the "places" numeric "values". Examples: (1) the temperature of thes at all points on the surface of the earth; (2) within the limits of pinball machines; (3) the prices in all places on the shelves of the grocery store; (4) sequential places as used with Arabic numerals -- the place values are powers of ten. Like the MH Sci-Tech dictionary, most authors of curricular materials badly confuse the numeric values of PLACES, with the values of whatever QUANTITIES occur in those places. In $ 2, the quantity, 7 cans, has a (quantity) value of $14 ... but the (place) value on the shelf is $2. The Arabic numeral for 456 uses 3 places ... for (4, 5, 6) ... with digits that are entered in each of the ( _, _, _ ) places. The 3 place-values, from right to left, are 1 and 10 and 100. The use of 4 in the 100-place expresses the QUANTITY of 4(100s) ..., the amount of which-value is 400. The "serial" value of (4,5,6) comes from adding the quantity-values of 4(100s) and 5(10s) and 6(1s) ... as 400+50+6 or 456. Send the answers to

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