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What is the shortest period to get a bachelors degree in the US?

I need a bachelors degree pretty soon. You see, my supervisor at work will be retiring in three years. I’m next to get this position, but I don’t have the requisite baccalaureate degree. I don’t want to miss this opportunity since it may not appear again. Is it possible to get an accelerated bachelors degree program? I am an educationist. I have been advised to pursue an online bachelors degree in education. Can this make me learn faster? Help, ambition is killing me.

Timothy Norman

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on April 6, 2018

It is wonderful to be ambitious. Yes, you will find that a bachelors degree is accelerated in some institutions, to help you attain your ambitions. Read the points below carefully.

  1. To answer your first question, the shortest period to get a bachelor’s degree in the US is 3 years. That is the exact same time you have, so you should enroll in it. Some courses take longer, up to 7 years. Your desired course mostly falls in the 3-4 year category depending on the college. But the news gets even better.
  2. Your bachelor’s degree gets accelerated in certain institutions to help you finish sooner. This can reduce the study program to 2 years, which will suit your circumstances very well. Acceleration means that you do the same amount of work over a shorter period of time. So it is faster but not necessarily easier. Since your goal is to finish as soon as possible, putting in some extra work should not be a problem, should it?
  3. Getting online bachelors in education degree can move even faster. Studying online depends to a great extent no your diligence and financial status. If you are really committed and have funds, you will finish within a shorter time. Remember, online courses don’t have compulsory breaks such as holidays. Therefore, you can study while others take breaks. Believe me, that can be very taxing and call for some level of diligence.
  4. Baccalaureate degrees are available for those who are ready to undertake research. Every assignment will need an extensive research in order to write an acceptable paper. If your current job is connected to a library, then you will definitely get access to the books you need. But even if you don’t work in a library, the university you choose to join will have an online library. You will be allowed to access books there at no extra fee.
  5. You will have to keep a balance between your current job and the studies online. Such studies are flexible enough so you will accommodate to them. Striking the balance should not be a problem. You say you are an educationist, so you work in an education-related environment. That will be some help since your work will contribute directly to your learning. Let’s say, you have been handling the theoretical part, now it is time to apply it practically.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I do have my own reservations about online degrees. I believe that one aspect of learning is interaction with new people. You just don’t get that online. I would advise you to go for evening or weekend classes at the nearest college. They tend to take longer, but you can communicate with real people. I appreciate that you would like to study to meet career requirements. However, if you can fit in at your current job, you can also fit in elsewhere. So your focus should be to further your education without a particular purpose in mind. It is your life, and you know what is the best for you. I just want you to remember that education is an interaction as well as an academic process. I would urge you to communicate with other students if possible.

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