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What is the safest type of fund to invest in?

William Cain

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on November 1, 2018

The following two types of investment Funds can be considered as the safest GILT These Funds are mutual Funds that invest exclusively in Government Securities as the Government of India Bonds, RBI Bonds, etc Example: a. Birla Sun Life GILT Plus - Regular Plan b. ICICI Prudential Gilt - Investment - PF Option c. etc Debt Funds These are mutual Funds that invest in Fixed Income (Debt) Instruments and aim at preserving the capital invested in them. Depending on whether they are Long-Term or Short-Term, the fund manager will invest in debt securities that are either short-or long-term. Generally the returns in the Long Term, the funds are slightly higher than those of Short-Term funds. Example: a. Long Term I will. Birla Sun Life Income Fund ii. BNP Paribas Bond Fund iii. ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund iv. etc b. In the short Term, I. Uti Short Term Income ii. BNP Paribas Short Term Income iii. TATA Short Term Bond Fund iv. etc .

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