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What is the safest area in Mexico City?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on January 14, 2019

The greater part of the west of the City of Mexico qualify as such: the HumanDevelopment Index (HDI) is a ranking created by the United NationsDevelopment Programme (UNDP) to measure countries orr regionsaccording to three basic population parameters: health, educationand income. For the City of Mexico, his most developed areas or boroughswould include: . Benito Juarez (near Mexico WTC) - similar to that of Norway. . Miguel Hidalgo (in the northwest of the Park of Chapultepec) - similar toNew Zealand . Coyoacan (south of the city, where Frida Kahlo's house andmuseum is located) - similar to that of Ireland . Cuajimalpa (city of the west zone, where the Santa Fe businessdistrict is located) - similar to that of Israel . Cuauhtémoc city (downtown area) - similar to that of France . Azcapotzalco (former industrial area in the center-northwesternarea of the city) - similar to Finland

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