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What is the role of the Kentucky Department of Education?

This question is a part of a class assignment our instructor gave us. The complete question requires us to discuss the role of the Kentucky Department of Education. Apart from the role of this local education authority, we are also required to discuss the role of education in Kentucky and outline the differences between this department and other departments such as Massachusetts department of higher education. I have done some online research but I can’t seem to find a source that contains all this information. I would appreciate some information that will help me complete the assignment successfully.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 10, 2018

The roles of education in Kentucky are probably the easiest question in your assignment. Education plays one primary role throughout the world. The purpose of education is to empower children and adults to be involved in the transformation of their own societies by impacting important skills and knowledge. Apart from this, education aims at teaching values, behaviors and attitudes that empower individuals to live together in a world that is characterized by a lot of diversity. Therefore, to answer this question, you should structure your response in a manner that is tailored to Kentucky.

The Education Department of Kentucky is one of the local education authorities under the U.S. Department of education. Each state is able to exercise their authority in part or in full through a state education authority. Each department gains its responsibilities and powers through the states’ statutes and constitution. One of the duties of the department is to interpret educational legislature and implement different policies that have been passed by the legislature. They also make observations in the school system and provide the legislature with advice on what they think should change. The department also ensures that federal education laws are complied with; they choose the different textbooks that students are going to read in primary and secondary schools and they make decisions concerning the school curriculum. In general, the department is responsible for leadership and making decisions concerning education in the state.

The department of higher education in Massachusetts is very different from the education department in Kentucky. One of the differences is the fact that these departments are in two different states. This means they are not headed by the same person and the decisions of one do not affect the other. The other difference is the fact that the education department of Kentucky mainly deals with primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, the higher education department of Massachusetts is responsible for institutions of higher learning. If you can’t get information about each department on its own, it would be a good idea to search for information about state authorities of education and departments of higher learning. This will give you all the information you need to complete your assignment since the roles and duties are similar to every state departments. The only difference is the fact that they deal with issues concerning different states. It might also be a good idea to use different sources to make your assignment comprehensive.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Such an assignment will require a lot of research since there are many questions in one. You need to approach this question systematically. Identify all the questions you are supposed to answer and answer one question at a time. For instance, if you decide to start with the role of the Kentucky Department of Education make sure you are done discussing the role of the department before you move to the next part of the question. I would suggest you log onto the department’s website to get this information. Most departments list their roles and responsibilities on their site. Apart from getting this information, you will also get more details about the department that will enable you to answer the question in a more comprehensive way. To answer your question, the department of education in Kentucky oversees everything to do with education in the state. They implement different policies and ensure everything is running smoothly in the education sector.

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