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What is the role of the Colorado Department of Education?

I am writing my final year project on education in America. This project requires me to research on two departments of education in the US. I have successfully acquired a review of the Florida Department of Education. The second review, on the Colorado Department of Education, has been challenging to get because I cannot find the relevant information on their website.

Please provide a review of the roles of this department and the issues in education that it deals with. Is there anyone having information on this department out there?

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on April 17, 2018

The CDE (Colorado Dep. of Education) handles several education issues in Colorado state. This agency provides necessary resources, support, leadership and accountability to many educational institutions, teachers, and administrators in the state. Being a "local control" state, education decisions in Colorado, from pre-kindergarten way up to grade 12 come from their local school boards and the respective school districts. These decisions touch on a variety of fields such as education personnel, graduation requirements, school calendars, and classroom policies.

However, Colorado citizens recognize the need to have some aspects of education such as district accreditation and licensing of teachers done by the state. Thus, the CDE was established to implement; education strategies for the state education board, and instructions coming from the legislature.

CDE is an administrative organ; thus it actualizes federal and state education laws, provides licensing to teachers, disburses federal and state funds, enforces school district’s and school’s accountability regarding performance, and provides an account to the public concerning financial data and performance.

The CDE carries out several other tasks in line with the laws of the state of Colorado and regulations set by the State Board.

Just like any other education department, e.g., the Florida Education Department, the CDE oversees many facets of school management which include educator licensing, accreditation, transportation in schools, special education, nutrition in schools and early childhood learning.

The CDE controls and allocates monies for many state and federal educational courses. These programs often center on American education issues such as technology in education, literacy in students, averting risky behavior in schools, and school reforms.  

This agency is responsible for managing the library system in the state. It also oversees the adult learning segment if it does not fall under the administration of higher education system of the state.

It supervises financing of schools and audits the way education funds are allocated.  The CDE gathers, analyzes and publicly avails information and data on education in Colorado.  It supports and provides services to other establishments and complement the educational system such as early learning institutions, state-run correctional institutions, state libraries, facility schools, family/ adult learning establishments, and centers for General Education Development testing.

It runs the state’s Talking Book Library. This facility is helpful to those people with print, vision, and reading disabilities. The CDE offers administrative and structural assistance to the Charter School Institute and the state’s School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Craig Stewart2 years ago

Colorado Department of Education is a dynamic service agency that provides guidance, resources, and support to schools, teachers, and administrators in the 178 school districts within Colorado. CDE work to support the high-quality learning of the youngest students to reduce the dropout rate because research shows that children who learn to read by third grade succeed through school. American education depends on the departments like the CDE to create policies to govern schools and ensure the ratio of graduates increase significantly. Today, the CDE works to increase students’ performance and foster success in learners to be part of the changing global workplace. 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

The Colorado Department of Education also acts as a learning institution to some extent. The CDE readily partners with school districts, teachers, families and community organizations to evaluate the needs, determine future programs, promote innovation, foster interactive learning and communicate useful policies and strategies that will enhance student performance leading to career preparedness and college entry.

Through its SchoolView feature, you can be able to learn about the Colorado education system. This feature comes with educational data dissemination tools that will effectively educate you on the education sector in Colorado. These include the Data Lab, the Colorado Growth Model, the Data Center and the Data Pipeline.

These tools provide helpful information concerning school districts and schools. This information forms an essential learning resource for a person who would like to research deeply on the Colorado education field such as yourself.

This information dissemination makes the CDE an efficient leaning organization.

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