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What is the role of School Reform Initiative?

Over the years, there have been efforts to bring about changes in the education sector to match the needs of the society today. I would like to know about School Reform Initiative and the role it has played in the education sector. How does SRI achieve its goals? I would also like someone to tell me about the American education reform plan and how it compares with other countries around the country. Which are some of the school reform efforts that have been achieved? Is the country where it is supposed to be as far as a comprehensive school reform is concerned? Your responses will be highly regarded.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 14, 2018

School Reform Initiative is a group that is mainly concerned with not only educational excellence but also equity. The organization brings together teachers and students from different parts of America and beyond. This group firmly believes in the importance of adults learning together to enhance the success of students. The organization works towards changing teaching and learning. Educators get an opportunity to question each other’s teaching practice in a manner characterized by learning and trust. The group encourages educators to be accountable to their colleagues for their benefits and the benefits of their students. The organization also challenges the educators to question the beliefs and see how they employ them in their practice.  

SRI is a perfect example of school reform effort. Educators in this organization work hard to ensure students have equal access to high-quality learning and that the practice used brings equitable outcomes for all the students. The teachers also seek to know the students well and involve them in activities that will enhance their lives. They also seek cultural proficiency in interacting freely with any student irrespective of the cultural background. This organization has been critical in enhancing the learning environment by boosting the relationship between teachers and their students. There is a need for the teachers to understand their students in terms of their culture and capacity. That way, the teacher is able to provide education in a manner that meets the needs and expectations of each of his students.

For many years, different countries have come up with various education reform plans. These plans are developed with the needs of each country in mind. Since the 1800s, the United States has implemented various education reforms to meet the needs of the society at large. The reforms have enhanced school enrollment in the country. Women can now access education courtesy of the reforms. A good example of these reforms is the Comprehensive School-Reform program. Under this program, schools in America received funding for the development of comprehensive school reforms. The reforms were based on scientific research and there was more emphasis on basic academics and the participation of the parents for students to excel in schools. It is important to note that most of the education reforms in America since the 1980s have been towards the achievement of students. The country has really tried to carry out reforms and has not been left behind by other countries. Up to now, the education sector is undergoing various reforms that will have a major impact in not only the current but also the future generations.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

As far as the American education reform plan is concerned, I am in total disagreement that we are at par with other developed countries. Although the sector experienced tremendous changes in the 1800s and 1900s, it is important to note that other countries have also been changing their education too. It is sad to not that there has been little changed in the American public education sector since the 1970s. Many countries in the developed countries have implemented critical changes that have the rank of their schools far much ahead of America. The education stagnation in the country can be blamed on factors such as six-hour school day and high teacher to student (1:25) ratio among others.  It is unfortunate that the cost of education has gone up almost three times in the last forty years. For America to experience real changes in the education system, there is need to carry out massive changes in the teaching, management, and leadership of most of the schools.

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