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What is the role of a student advisor?

I’ve been invited to my former high school to talk to final year students about their future education and the possible challenges in their academic path. I’m preparing to focus on the role of a student advisor and any help that I can get to adequately prepare my talk will be highly appreciated. In addition, I will appreciate if someone can enlighten me on the meaning and significance of public school review since this one of the topics I will be sharing with my audience. Finally, kindly advice me on how I can access the best school ratings for high schools and colleges.


Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on July 11, 2018

High school and college students need guidance on education matters from time to time. They need advice from professionals, parents, teachers and their peers. They need to be guided from different perspectives and the fact that you’ve been invited to talk to students in your former high school is a clear indication that teachers there understand the importance of guiding and motivating students through former students.  You understand the challenges that high school students go through, and by talking to them, you’ll be able to relate your student life to what they are experiencing at the present time.

Student advisors play a very critical role in shaping students’ lives. They are trained professionals who understand how to appropriately guide and counsel students in all matters pertaining students’ education and well-being. In any society, there are challenges that students go through. Some come from underprivileged homes and as such, the conditions at home negatively impact how they learn and relate to their teachers and fellow students. In some extreme cases, these students suffer from mental torments that may even result in serious psychological disorders.  

On the other hand, some students simply experience challenges with concentrating in class. In turn, they perform poorly and sometimes even drop out of school. The challenges students go are the key reasons why they need guidance from guiding and counseling experts. They need someone who can reassure them that the challenges they are experiencing are normal and they can be tackled by getting advice from parents, teachers and fellow students.  Academic advisors will help students plan their studies and avoid things such as stress, drug use, irresponsible sexual behavior and other vices that inhibit their academic progress.

Public school reviews basically refer to the assessments carried in public schools in areas such test scores, games, parent to teachers relationships, student-teacher relations, school infrastructures and administrations. Reviews in these areas are meant to evaluate performance and identify areas that need improvement.  Conducting a review will help educators understand the things that are lacking in public schools and also identify teachers who are doing their best to help students. These assessments will help education boards determine teachers who need promotion and those who require demotion. The reviews are mainly meant to elevate the conditions in public schools so that students can the best learning conditions that can enable them to excel.

You can access the best school rating from the district education boards.  Since school ratings are being reviewed from time to time, you will need to specify them basing on school years or terms. Nowadays, most education departments have gone digital and as such, you can easily access school ratings by visiting their specific websites. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

The above answer, clearly explains the role of a student advisor. We know that students all over the world are going through many challenges on a daily basis. Also, it is evident that there students as young as twelve years in different parts of the world that are giving up on studies and engaging in socially unacceptable behaviors. Some have even committed suicide because of losing hope in learning. When these students get the necessary counseling and help, they will maintain their focus and learn to maneuver through challenges easily.

Children need education, but in order for them to be the students we expect, we need to give them our attention and our advice. Parents and teachers should work hand-in-hand to ensure they help students at an early age so that when they are growing up, they will understand how to take good care of themselves. 

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