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What is the rising action of Duffy's jacket?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on March 11, 2019

the rising action of Duffy's Jacket The rising action of "Duffy's Jacket" is everything leading up to the climax. I think that the climax of this story is that when the monster strip the jacket of Duffy in the head and says, "You forgot your jacket, stupid", because the changes of mood in this time of fear and tense to funny and lighthearted. - A study partner in the First place, I think that the story of "Duffy's jacket" written by Bruce Coville had a dumb ending because of the way that the author changed the shade to a surprising end. however, that is my opinion. Finally, I think that the ending needed more suspense and action, as if someone is getting hurt. -Danny Tandazo

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