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What is the result of 3 gross 2 dozen 4 ones minus 7 dozen 6 ones?

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on January 26, 2019

Hi, I had a problem with this same question. Here is the answer:2 Gross 6 Dozen 10 OnesTo get this answer, you must subtract the use of 12 years instead of 10 as you would normally do with regular subtraction and the participation of the rules of the "loans". Basically it is using The Base Twelve or Duodecimal System to solve this problem.It is easier than it seems, but you might have to read this a couple of times to fully understand without having a picture drawn by you.First you set up this problem as a vertical subtraction problem that the lining of the grosses, tens and units. Then start with the right end of the column to hand as you normally would in a subtraction problem. You can't subtract 6 from 4, so you must borrow from the tens column as you would if you were trying to subtract 6 from 1 in a typical subtraction problem, normally, you scratch the number you are borrowing from, and then add 10 to the amount that is subtracted from..HOWEVER, IN THIS PROBLEM THE ONLY THING DIFFERENT IS to ADD 12 TO THE NUMBER to BE SUBTRACTED.Scratch 2 dozen, and place a 1 in the column, and then scratch the 4 in the ones column and add the "twelve" that it borrowed from the column on the left, which is 4 and 12 is equal to 16. Now, 16 of them under 6 ones=10 ones. Place 10 in the subtraction of the bar. It is made with the column and now move on to the next column of tens.Now moving to the dozen column. You can't subtract 7 dozen 1 (remember that we have taken of this mode because is not a 2, but it is now a 1) dozen unless you borrow from the column on the left (gross). As you did before, follow the same steps. Put a line through 3 gross and put a 2 above it. Now put a line through 1 dozen and add the borrowed 12 to 1 of a total of 13 dozen subtract the 7 dozen which is equivalent to 6 dozen. Again, place this response under the removal of the bar and its dozens of columns is done. Now we move into the gross column.The gross column is no longer 3 but now 2 because borrowed1 of it to give you "12" in the column of the tens. Therefore, 2 gross less gross 0 2 gross and the total, being:2 GROSS 6 DOZEN 10 DEAR

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