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What is the responsibility of an employer for employee provident fund?

Brandon Scott

in Student Loans

1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on November 11, 2018

Hello Before all of this, I have already discussed this matter with another person. most of the people are facing this problem. People are not getting their PF money or its take too late. but, do you know what is the reason behind that, If your facing this kind of problem, try follow below mentioned ways. ask your ex - organization, your PF withdrawal form has submitted or not ? If yes, then ask them about the acknowledge copy of same.. because, the majority of people do not know is that your employer has submitted their PF form to PF dept. or not..? that thing, that have submitted their pf form to employer that, their responsibilities have been completed. but it is not. some time employer have not submitted the same but, give the wrong information to employees as It has been presented. Or If PF form was submitted to PF dept. but, in case there is a problem in which, therefore, PF dept. send the form to the employer for the appropriate response. but, some times an employer to ignore or is unable to give any answer on that. Delay in getting the PF amount, there are many reasons, therefore, you have to find with your ex-employer or PF dept.

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