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What is the relationship between Cal Grant and WebGrants for Students?

What is student finance option of Cal Grant and what does it entail? Is it limited to college students who reside in California specifically or those who want to study in California? I’ve heard that webgrants for students are related to the Cal Grant; what is their association? When you apply for webgrants 4 students does it mean that you are applying for Financial aid for college students from a different platform? Who is the targeted user on the platform and how does it benefit him / her.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 28, 2018

The Cal Grant is financial aid for a college student that he/she won’t need to pay back. It’s a smart way to get money for a college education as long as you meet the eligibility requirements which are:

  • You must be a citizen of the US or an eligible non-citizen.
  • You should be a California resident and attend or set to attend a qualifying California college.
  • You must demonstrate financial need
  • You should be in a program that’s leading to an undergraduate certificate/ degree.
  • You must not have a professional degree or a Bachelor’s.

Students’ WebGrants simply put, is your round-the-clock access to your Cal Grant. The CSAC-California student Aid Commission created it to provide students the much needed information, resources and tools that will be of assistance with their Cal Grant. Webgrant 4 students gives you online access to manage your Cal Grant or Chafee account. You can do so much on the platform such as checking the status of your application, viewing your award status, printing a copy of the California Aid Report and viewing your payment history. You can also make school changes; view your updates, post leave of absence requests and address changes.

When you think what student finance is and how far California has come to make sure that quality education is available for its residents, it’s remarkable. You can get a Cal Grants up to 8 semester (or up to 4 years). The Cal Grant is renewed automatically as long as you continue to meet the requirements and you have an academic progress that’s satisfactory. In order for your Cal Grant to be renewed, you are required to submit your FAFSA every year by the March 2 deadline.

Webgrants isn’t a type of grant but instead it is a platform in which you can access your grant. If you want to receive the grant amount in full then you have to be on full-time enrollment. At the end of five weeks of classes, that’s when enrollment is normally verified. If it turns out that you aren’t actually enrolled full time, then the Cal Grant is reduced according to a schedule. Once that happens, you may be required to pay these funds. However, if you maintain full-time enrollment, your full Cal Grant remains intact and the progress that you make towards your degree won’t be interrupted. It’s best to apply every year even if you missed out the previous year. You never know when your time will come.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I agree with all points that have been put across 100%. My comment will briefly focus on webgrants for students as well as what the student finance option of Cal Grant is and why I think it’s amazing! The beauty of the Cal Grant is that it makes college more affordable and attainable for mid-low income Californians. With the high tuition fees, it’s almost impossible for the hardworking students who don’t have as much money as they would like to work with to even dream of attending college. Webgrants 4 students is more about convenience. The fact that all those features are just at the touch of a button makes life so much easier. I am currently receiving financial aid as a college student and I have nothing but good things to say.  I’m determined to keep my grades high so that I can easily renew my Cal Grant each year.

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