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What is the purpose of USAC study abroad organization?

I’ve heard some positive feedback about the USAC study abroad organization and would like to know more about it. How does it work? Is it solely focused on sending students to other countries? Is it reliable? Well, there are many other questions, but these three are the most important ones. I’m looking for a good institute for study abroad programs. If I cannot get this chance, school years are pointless.

International study programs interest me the most. Visiting new countries is always fascinating. What can be better than doing it while you are studying?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 13, 2018

The University Study Abroad Consortium is a popular non-profit organization that fulfils the dreams of thousands of students every year.  For about 30 years, it has been sending people all over the world to enrich their knowledge and acquaint with other cultures. The program is truly international as it works with students all over the world and transfers them from place to place.

The consortium in the title covers 33 universities all over the U.S.A. that have joined to contribute to the internalization of education.

USAC abroad studies offer you various terms including summer, winter, semester, and year-long programs.

If you are worried about your language skills, most establishments offer courses in English in almost any discipline. However, if you want to develop your skills, you are welcome to participate in the intense training and immerse into the atmosphere fully. No matter what option you choose, an international study program always develops your understanding of the local language. Living with native speakers undoubtedly affects you.

The organization has been working with students for many years and proved its reliability countless times. So, I wouldn’t worry about any frauds—the system works perfectly.

Currently, it cooperates with 27 countries located in all parts of the world.

Before applying for a program, you should advise with your university and its administration. There may be some specific on-campus policies that can be solved. In addition, talk about financial aid.

To apply for USAC program, we have to be eligible. The main requirements are:

  • you must be at least 18 years old
  • have at least 2.5 college GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • have credits for at least one semester

Depending on the offer you choose, there may be some additional requirement and alternations to the abovementioned ones.

The application process is simple. You can fill in the form online following this link: Then, you wait for a personal email confirming your submission. The letter will also include the details of your USAC Student Gateway account where you’ll complete your application.

I’m not sure whether an application for multiple programs is technically possible as the website asks you not to do it. So, you should choose the most appealing study abroad institute and program and pursue it. In case you get a refusal, you can choose another one. Click this link to discover more information:

Olive Wilsona year ago

If you doubt the credibility of USAC, read these reviews They contain a few interesting tips and will tell you whether this program is a good choice and what to expect from it. Most of them are good. However, there is one review that will show you the downsides of the organization. This may be a one-time case, but it surely will prepare you to any troubles. - here, you can read detailed information about USAC study abroad programs. There are many options that include various countries, courses, and terms. Also, you can find additional reviews for each one of them and compare people’s opinions with the promises of the organization. Overall, the feedback is positive. People are glad to be a part of such interesting an international study program.

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