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What is the purpose of the board of education?

I am a researcher mostly dealing with problems in the higher education sector. I have however faced some challenges in my recent project and I need help to determine the purpose the board of education serves in the higher education sector. I would also like to get some information on the education evaluation this institution conducts. Does the board create the higher education policy and how does it affect the system? Any relevant information would be very helpful.

Kristi Hammond

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 19, 2018

For several years I have worked as a member of the board of education. Throughout my years I have dealt with various issues concerning matters in the higher education sector. I will briefly start by stating the role me and other members played in the institution:

  • The board develops and maintains a system that enables students to take part in the education program
  • It offers an opportunity to students to grow academically which ultimately improves their economic, civic and life style situation in the future
  • This body is responsible for appointing the institution leader who will spearhead the operations at the higher education institution
  • The board is responsible for creating education policies in higher education institutions
  • The board creates the budget for public approval every year.
  • The board votes on all recommendations made by the appointed leader at the institution before implementation
  • The board acts as the review committee for all course programs offered to students
  • It sets up the quality standards to be met by all members of the institution inclusive of the students, faculty and also the institution leaders
    On matters concerning the system used to evaluate educational programs; these were used to gauge whether and how certain policies affected the budgetary constraints, level of implementation, attainment of students’ goals and community support. Operating a higher education institution is a challenging task and there are problems facing the higher education system.
  • The education is expensive especially for students. Paying tuition fees can be a financial burden to students thus going through the program can be hectic and also draining
  • Due to the high cost students risk on inquiring many take comfort in student loans which is also a financial obligation you are required to pay after your learning program is over. Instead of improving your economic standards attending higher learning programs will land one in major debt
  • Most institutions have a linear education system that is predictable and cumbersome too. This obvious curriculum wastes a lot of time and money for students learning through a system that does not meet their personal interests.
  • Some institutions tend to invest in the wrong things instead of academic excellence. Lack of focus on education will bring up a competitive aspect in things like prestige and status which are insignificant.
  • Institutions that are focused on education tend to concentrate on just the grades of the students which is a major concern when they complete school with no experience of the outside world

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

As an institution leader in a higher education system, I agree that the higher education policy differs depending on the institution you are referring to. These policies however are essential in the redesigning process of the curriculum of a certain institution. These policies are
implemented to attain goals that are significant to the institution. To determine whether these policies are working according to the system there are three programs that could be used to gauge them. These include:

  •  The formative evaluation that uses the results to improve the existing education program. It helps compare the goals and outcome after some time and determine whether the program has made any attainment or is in need of modification
  • The summative evaluation uses demonstrations and documentation to analyze various programs and choose the best
  • The ex post facto evaluation is used to determine whether an unexamined program that was fed attained the goals set or it needs termination.

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