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What is the process of applying for a loan with citi student loans?

I recently got a review from a friend on how satisfactory it was for them to apply for a loan with citi student loans. I am however new to the process of student loans and I would like to find a step by step guideline on how to apply for a student loan with them. I would also like to know their student loan rates and how they are provided. I also need to know whether consolidating student loans is advisable and reasons why I should consolidate my loans or not.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 23, 2018

I am currently doing my degree program and my tuition fee was fully funded thanks to a citi student loan program. This bank enables students to access both federal and private loans and helps them throughout the application process and also provides services on the consolidation of student loan. The process of federal and private loan application are similar however the federal loan packages are more preferable since they do not require credit checks. This student loan provider has five different federal student loan packages and each has its rate of interest. The rates of these student loans vary depending on the loan package and each rate is tax deductible. Some of these packages require a co-signers approval as a requirement. The federal loans application often follows the following process:

  • First fill a standardized application form which could be found online and completed for submission. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is also known as FAFSA. You could also print the document or request it from a financial aid office for manual filling then mail it.
  • Assemble all the necessary documents that may be required for the application process as stated on the website.
  • Complete the provided work sheet with all the accurate information; this is a framework of what will be asked in the application form.
  • With the help of an online resource, answer all the specific questions in the application. An online resource will automate the answers to some specific questions
  • Attach all the documents required to the application
  • Before submission inquire from school guidance counselor or any admission advisor in case of any inquiry.
  • Send the application form and wait for the feedback

Once you have sent the form, the government will determine your eligibility for the loan and give a feedback using a Student Aid Report. This report will be sent to all your selected schools and each will determine the financial offers they could award you. Review the Student Aid Report and determine whether it reflects to your FAFSA. Once you have been selected to be verified submit any additional documents stated.

The private loan programs however are different from federal loan applications; they are similar to loan application process of banks. The process of applying for a student loan from a private lender does not require the filling of the FAFSA form. It is also necessary that you have a good credit report since the process requires formal credit checks and if not a co-signer.

Brian Warner2 years ago

I had a positive experience using them and recommend them. They helped me acquire a federal loan despite my poor credit score. Ensure you have visited all federal loan plans before opting for the private education loans. Consolidating student loans is a good technique to manage your loans. Some people think that the process is risky but I think is it is highly beneficial to people who have multiple federal and private loans. If you also think that a future financial obligation will hinder you from adhering to the scheduled monthly pay for the federal loans it’s better to consolidate your loans. If you also have a tendency to deter from the normal monthly student pay consolidation is a good way to rewrite your obligations.

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