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What is the procedure for applying for the Canada student visa?

The best moment in life so far is the opportunity to advance my education in one of the best countries I admire. Even though I do not have all information, I know I need a Canada study visa. I do not know where to apply for student visa. I need someone with information on student's visa to help and let me know how much does a student visa cost. My joy now lies in understanding the procedure of applying for a Canada student visa, the place I want to be.

Mindee Nelson

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on August 23, 2018

We all at some point had wild dreams that we worked so hard to tame. It is unfortunate for others and is fortunate for you. I am happy that you have the passion for getting to the top of your dreams. I like it. I feel good when I see people looking for student's visa to advance their education. It is one of the ways of motivating our societies; young generation finds role models when we show them that education is good and can take you to travel to any part of the world. I know that achieving it will be one of the inspirations for many young men and women who will want to follow your path.

Some years ago, I was a student who had the same dream, I made it but I was not going to study in Canada. However, I have traveled to Canada more than five times, I can provide you with some information that will be helpful as you start your process of making your ambitions and dreams true. Just like in any country, study visa in Canada can be found in two ways, either through the online means or through a paper application. I advise you to follow the simple way of an online application on the Citizen and Immigration Canada website. Ensure you have all your documents right in your machine to upload anytime you need to provide some evidence.

The procedure for applying for a student visa in Canada is not complicated. Ensure that you have got a standardized acceptance letter from recognized higher education institution. Get the application package from the local visa office or the citizen and Immigration Canada website. You will have to answer some questions, do not be nervous, be real and provide the right information; it will help you to get the right information and documentation that you need for all your application process. At this stage, when you are eligible for Canada student's visa, you receive a checklist code that is essential for submitting the online application. Work within the period, it is valid for 60 days. You need to create MyCIC account, the check code is used to get the document checklist where you can upload and send the information that is needed to citizen and immigration Canada when you are done with all the procedures and paid the fee, then you submit the application to citizen and immigration Canada. It is essential to find how much do student's visa cost from the website because it is accurate and it is always revised.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

Thank you so much for providing the information. I am glad to have some insight into what is needed to acquire the study visa; I know I can use the procedure to get a visa from any country. The information we have is what can transform our lives. I will also share it with someone who may need the same help. You mentioned that such people are the inspiration of the younger generation. I also want to be among the few that inspire others through education. I will be finishing my high school education in one year and I know that I will make it to the university. With the information I have, I will apply to study in Canada. I already have the knowledge on how to apply for a Canada student visa, what I am lacking is an acceptance letter. I am confident when I get a chance to join the university, I will get it.  

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