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What Is The Point Of Getting A Master Degree In Arts?

I already have a Bachelors of Arts in sales and marketing. I have a job, and I am doing fine. However, I have shared with my friend and family about going in for a master program. To my mind, I want to study something connected with science. An M.Sc. The thing is, these people advise me to go in for a Master of Arts degree. So I am wondering, is it wrong to do it? Why should I earn a master of arts if I have already gained a BA? What is the point of mastering in the same field when we have so many options?

Dana Keller

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on April 13, 2018

You are not alone. In my career as an educational counselor, I meet so many individuals with the same dilemma. People who would like to change their career direction with a master’s program.

In fact, this is very healthy to explore many options. However, I only see one reason why you want to change your career. You most likely aren’t happy with your current job.

Anyway, I just want to give you some of the benefits of taking a master of Arts degree.

  •    Vocation Prospects

Businesses will dependably need an ever-increasing extent. In spite of the fact that this is an innovative age, the delicate abilities and basic reasoning that a Master of Arts degree supports, are getting rarer, and consequently, in the more prominent request.

  •    Socially-Centric Business Approach

Not at all like Masters of Science programs, a Master of Arts degree expects a more standard way to deal with hypothesis application. Students are to consider business speculations from a social, anthropological, mental, and moral points of view. Open and client reaction to business rehearses, matters of correspondence and long-and here and now effect of the distinctive plans of action would be an obligatory piece of business examines in an MA degree.

Brand mindfulness is a colossal theme nowadays, for instance. A Masters in Marketing and Communications would show you how to speak with target groups of onlookers in a reasonable yet present-day path, with ongoing importance.

  •    Kind of Skills Acquired

Notwithstanding the absolutely specialized aptitudes obtained through a Master of Arts degree, students get the chance to sharpen their delicate abilities that are exceedingly looked for by business today. An MA degree would idealize your forces of demand, sensible reasoning and basic investigation. It will likewise help your capacity to apply hypothetical information to current issues and enable you to take proficient activity. At long last, critical thinking, composed and oral articulation, correspondence, and introduction aptitudes, which are all quite often recorded in work promotions, will come to you more normally than some time recently.

Educating Methods

A Master of Arts depends vigorously on understudy instructor connection, mentorship, and joint effort. It is less scholastic in that sense than an MSc and concentrates enormously on the useful and social application and employment of hypotheses and techniques. There is the more remarkable flexibility of credit choice, and the decision traverses over the distinctive schools of a college. Staff is regularly made out of honing experts, notwithstanding those with Doctoral degrees.

There are countless reasons for you to still master in Arts.  So, if you thought of doing the same work as a bachelor’s degree over again, you are wrong. I have a Master of Social Work, and I do not regret making that step.

Larry Warren2 years ago

Awesome answer above! However, just to add to it, there is also the reason for innovation

That is presumably the single word that will abridge our decade when it's finished: innovation. It is valuably incomprehensible. Development breadths in proficient, well-perfused, dynamic, inquisitive personalities that know where to search for motivation. The best favorable position of a Master of Arts degree is that it is interdisciplinary: it gives you a chance to touch different subjects, points, and issues, and figure out how to shape associations amongst them and concentrate whatever is helpful in pivotal minutes.

Otherwise, you have many reasons to pursue a Master of Arts degree. From better employment prospects to acquiring more skills, it all open for you. If you really want, you can change your career path, but there’s no need. In today’s job market, an MA is equally as important as an MSc.

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