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What is the name for the process of recycling materials that make up the Earth's crust and mantle? A. the water cycle B. the carbon cycle C. the nitrogen cycle D. the rock cycle

Ralph Lopez

in Geography

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on June 5, 2018

The correct answer is D. the rock cycle.The rock cycle is a process that occurs with the interaction between the crust and the mantle layers of the Earth. Where there are suduction zones and the crust of one tectonic plate under another, denser one, the crust goes into the mantle and melts. On the other side, where we have two tectonic plates moving away from each other the mantle allows the material to fill the space, thus creating a new crust. Also the mantle, the layer is responsible for the volcanic activities that are producing the igneous rocks of lava, which is the type of rock that is the basis for the formation of the other two types of rocks. This is an ongoing process for hundreds of millions of years.

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