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What is the most useful student finance helpline?

Student financial aid services are diverse and numerous in each country. The United Kingdom is not an exception. To deal with all of them, you can visit a student finance helpline and get answers to your questions. If you happen to require additional information about a student emergency fund or accommodation costs and repayments, where to call? Who do you visit? Is there a common hotline that can deal with all questions instead of answering only those that concern specific program or university?

I’d like to know more about funding for college students, how it works, and what you require to apply.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 12, 2018

There are quite a few UK student helplines meant to help you with your financing questions. The one that helps me the most is called Student finance Helpline UK. Here is the link where you can find the necessary information about it:

As far as I understand, it works 24/7 and its staff is ready to give you advice any time of the day. Yes, I forgot to mention that it was not completely 24/7; it is more like 24/5 because, on the weekends, it works from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Anyway, this student financing helpline can be reached from any stationary or mobile phone in the country. The service is provided by the British government to help students increase their knowledge and get more in-depth information on higher education financing. The Student Finance itself is an organization that issues student loans. It offers a variety of programs that depend on your courses and financial situation. It even offers loans for part-time students. A pleasant bonus is the plan for those people who want to study abroad. Thus, it is eligible to help them with any question they might have.  

This student finance aid service is divided into several branches that specialize in a certain type of issues. Each of them has an official number where you can reach consultants. The customer care here is top-notch. It serves a large number of UK residents and knows how to deal with queries.

If phone services are not enough for you, the website provides their address. You can either visit them yourself or write a detailed letter describing your issue. Don’t forget to mention your contact information for the answer to reach you back. Another way is to send emails to the registered address. The service is even present on such social media networks as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

All those various college funding plans presented on their website can be acquired by any student of the UK.

Another service I know of is offered by UniBaggage. Here is the link: This is the list of services to also help you with student financing issues. The website, in general, is full of useful advice on the matter of education. Choose the support page and select the topic you are interested in. As far as I know, UniBaggage also deals with student emergency funds that you are interested in.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

Student Finance UK is an amazing organization that gives thousands of young people a chance to get a decent education. I’m fully satisfied with its services, plans, and the support crew. I’ve emailed them on countless occasions and asked both the simplest and the most bizarre questions. People were always considerate and polite and tried to answer them as professionally as they could.

Funding for college with this company is nothing but pleasurable. It is great that you have to start repaying your loans only when become employed. This way, you will not be in a miserable financial situation while studying and can fully concentrate on your courses.

There is also a great online calculator that can estimate an exact amount of money you will have to pay on a monthly basis. In case you need to check what you’ve been paying or calculate the possible repayments if you are only thinking about a loan, this tool can be of great help.

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