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What is the most useful education portal on the Internet?

I’m looking for a useful education portal that is meant to tell students the necessary information they need to know to roll in. There are many sources on the Internet that promote one establishment and only highlight its best qualities. I’d like to have a comprehensive look at all tuition details and be able to select myself whether I want to attend it or not.

I’m looking for anything that can answer my questions – from a portal to an education forum or a private consultancy. There are many questions about world education swirling in my head and the answers are vague at most.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 15, 2018

Well, there are many educational portals that give credible information about colleges. To my mind, all of them say approximately the same things. However, those small details that differ really matter. I would say that one of the best options is BrainBuxa. This is a very useful website for a future student. Here, you can find college rankings, useful listings, admission tips, etc. This education portal website is full of interesting interviews with experts and entrepreneurs. The blog section contains such categories as sports, general education, career and jobs, courses, study abroad, etc. Each one of them is meant to tell you the necessary details of your future choice and help you deal with education effectively. There are many articles with some tips from people all over the world. If you need motivation or inspiration, this is a place to go.

Another world educational website I can recommend you is Kampuzz. It mainly focuses on colleges in India but also covers studies abroad and general educational issues. Kampuzz educational portal talks about exams, courses, and rankings. The section with the articles is full of the latest news of the sphere, admission tips, study abroad programs, and many other topics a student has to know.

Most often, educational portals on the Internet differ in their purposes and content. Some of them concentrate on one country or even an establishment. Others cover general practices and materials. The most important for the future students is a networking portal that provides them with an access to various tools and information concerning education.

I suggest looking for those education forums that provide professional support of any kind. It may either be the contact information of the experts or professors or a direct form to contact them. You should also look for articles and tips published by professionals who know what they are doing. If there is a chance to visit a professional educational portal, don’t waste it even if it describes other countries. Educational practices all over the world have their touching points and you can learn something interesting from other countries.

Always look at the contacts field of the website to see how credible the source is. You can always Google people responsible for it and see what they specialize in.

Another useful category of reliable education websites is a discussion group. The opportunity to discuss a specific issue you are worried about is a great way to find the best solution.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

Have you ever visited Educationinsta? This is an education portal that allows you to explore education in various ways. First of all, it contains a decent amount of courses you can complete. You can undertake courses of any level from school to the post-graduation ones. This is a useful addition to a simple news and tips website. This way, you can not only learn about education but actually educate yourself. Of course, there is a section on various places to study. It covers India, the USA, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, etc. All these destinations are well-described. The website provides you with the full information on colleges and universities, student scholarships and loans, schools, living costs, and visa requirements for abroad students.

Visit the blog section to read useful articles that are meant to help students to find answers to their questions. It probably contains tips on any issue you may get while enrolling in college or choosing a school for your kid.

Here is the Educationinsta website

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