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What is the most productive way to spend my summer break?

I have just started my summer holidays, and I am a bored and tired of idling at home. My day usually entails sleeping, eating, and surfing the net. I cannot imagine going on like this for the next two months or so. It is my first holiday since I went to college and had not thought of summer break activities to keep me busy.

I am looking for advice on the best way to spend my summer break. I would appreciate suggestions for activities that could benefit me or at least keep me busy.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 21, 2018

There are numerous of ways you can spend your summer breaks ranging from activities to earn money, acquire skills and self-develop or activities that you can do for fun. As much as you wish to use your holiday productively, also remember that the break is there for you to rest and unwind before you start your new year in August/ September. So find a balance between fun and self-development.

Here are a few things to you could try:


If you are passionate about the community, this holiday is an excellent time to give back to the community by offering your services for free. There are places you could volunteer in your area regardless of where you live. Examples include shelters for the homeless, animal shelters, nursing homes, hospitals and so forth. Administrators in these facilities are always in need of additional help, and many are happy to welcome volunteers at any time.

Find a job:

Working during your summer holiday is an excellent way to kill time while earning some money and experience. When you start searching, you will be surprised at the number of places that employ students with zero skills on the job. Most of these jobs are temporary and pay a few dollars per hour. If you don’t know where to start looking for a job, you may do an online search as most organizations post job positions online. However, visiting hotels, restaurants, and sales stores can get you a job quickly.

Learn an instrument:

If you are into music, you could start learning how to play a new instrument. You may go for an instrument that is easy to acquire and master. Though you may sign up for classes online, attending a music class in-person can help you get out of the house. Music is soothing and acquiring skills in making music can become an exciting hobby for you.

Master a new language:

Regardless of which career path you are pursuing, knowing an additional language will help set you apart. Learning a foreign language is a great activity for summer break, and it need not cost you anything. There are several tools online that can assist you in learning tens of foreign languages at no charge.   

Immerse yourself in reading:

Reading can be inspiring, motivating and empowering. Get an online book in a genre that you like and experience the world in the eyes of another person. 

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Why don’t you try traveling? It is at least one summer break activity that is fun while giving you a chance to learn. If you have some savings to spare, you could visit destinations out of state. Several airlines offer cheap flight rates for students on holiday. However, you can still enjoy traveling within your state. You will discover that there are several places that you are yet to explore in your town. Take time to visit your local museum, zoo and nature park.

You could also practice new recipes in the kitchen. Having spent months in school where you eat most of your meals out, it would be great to get into the kitchen and try out delicious, healthy meals. I particularly have an interest in baking and used to spend hours during my holiday trying YouTube recipes. Check out recipes that you could cook in your college dorm room. 

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