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What is the most likely reason that the steam locomotive was developed soon after the steam boat?

William Cain

in History

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1 answer

William Cain on November 2, 2018

Before trains, cars, trucks andairplanes existed, rivers were used fortravel. They carried people and goods fromone place to another. River travel was oftenslow because speed of travel depended on the river current and manpower. That allchanged with the introduction of steampoweredboats in the late 1700s and early1800s. The steam ship couldtravel at the astonishing speed of up to fivemiles per hour. Soon revolutionizedriver travel and trade, and dominated thewaterways. The dangers of steamboat travelsuch as explosions, sinkings, Indian attacks,and daring steamboat races captured theimagination of the country. The greatsteam-powered boatsof the nineteenth and twentieth centuries centuriesalso played an important role in theexpansion of the united States towards the west.Finally, other forms of transportationbecame more important than the steamship,but in their day, they ruled the nación'srivers.

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