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What is the most important location at the upcoming Milwaukee fest?

I’ve heard that there are several stages at this event. What are the most important Summerfest grounds Milwaukee Wisconsin offers its guests this year? I’ve heard Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest Milwaukee WI mentioned a lot. Is it a place where a major stage will be situated? Who will perform there? And, most importantly, when? If Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee Wisconsin is the main location of the fest, there should be a schedule for it, right? I’d like to know what artists will perform at what times at the Milwaukee fest to be able to visit the most musicians of my taste.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Heather Maxwell on June 14, 2018

You are completely right. Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosts the most notable performers of the event. This is the place where you can expect to see the headliners of the show. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave the place for the whole duration of the event, no matter how much time I would have to spend there waiting for another musician to appear. This is the place where Imagine Dragons, J. Cole, Blake Shelton, The Weeknd, and many other cool artists that I love will perform. Without any doubt, this is the place that is more important than all other stages combined.

You can actually see the Summerfest 2018 lineup right here on its official website: Isn’t it cool that the hosts give us the whole information about the stars visiting the place? Besides, the list was published pretty early for the event of the kind. Thus, people can clearly whether they will like the atmosphere and music at the fest or not. Either way, I’m a true believer in this kind of things. So, I wouldn’t miss in a world an event of this scale. There are many other music festivals in USA that attract much attention and are constantly developing, but none of them is as great as the fest in Milwaukee.

You will also notice that the lineup actually gives you the information about the date and time of an artist performance right beneath their picture and name. So, you can compare them to the timings at other stages and create your own schedule of the Milwaukee festival that would suit all your needs.

Do already have your tickets? I recommend you look closely at the seating chart before making anything committing. Thus, you will know where the best seats are. The Milwaukee WI Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest location is going to be the busiest and most crowded place of the site. SO, be sure to prepare in advance and choose your seats as soon as you can.

Are you going to stay for the whole event? The stars are dispersed to cover all days. Besides, the headliners are also placed in this thought in mind so that people stay there as long as they can.

Even if you don’t make it to the Amphitheater, I’m sure you will choose the best Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee Wisconsin. See you there! 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Though the American Family Insurance Amphitheater may hold the headliners of the event, for, me, the main stage is BMO Harris Pavilion. Most stars that I appreciate are going to be there. Don’t you think that all those popular bands will just attract the attention of teen girls? I’m certain the crowd there will be huge, uncontrolled, and loud with all their shouts of all. Why stay in such a chaotic place when you can go to a calmer place and actually listen to high-quality music? This is exactly what I will do at the fest. Of course, visiting all stages is more fun; so, some days are bound to be crazier than the others.

This year, the Milwaukee fest is going to be fun but also super crowded. Its popularity is constantly growing and I is becoming the biggest fest in the whole country. 

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