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What is the Morning Star Academy?

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1 answer

Brandon Scott on January 20, 2018

The MorningStar Academy is a private, Christian, ONLINE, school K-12 for educators in the home. Provides appropriations for all of the previous education in the home, work, credit for outside activities and educational diplomas of the high school for those who qualify. MorningStar Academy has been serving students since 2003, making it one of the oldest and largest online Christian private schools.The MorningStar Academy provides students with 180 lessons that are filled with rich multimedia content, such as web sites, flash, games, simulations, videos, reading content and audio files.In addition to high quality, involving to the daily tasks, The MorningStar Academy of the tracks of the hours that your child spends on their education, provides Progress Reports, transcripts, portfolios and an unlimited number of the help of a teacher. Through its Raise your Hand button, the students can ask their teachers a question and get an instant answer.The MorningStar Academy is an accredited school, registered in the state of Flordia, but offers its educational program to students in all 50 states.The MorningStar Academy offers a secure and moderated Social Center in which the students enrolled are able to communicate between them.The MorningStar Academy, through its state-of-the-art online educational programs has revolutionized the education in the home gives parents a new way to educate children at home. It is particularly popular for middle school students and home-schooled high school students because it provides expert instruction in topics that the parents have forgotten, or feel ill-equipped

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